SFH Journal: 2020-02-24 through 03-01 – Drat!!!

These last few weeks, you, most unfortunately, have had to endure my ceaseless prattle about damage to and repair of the extensive infrastructure which supports operations here at the vast Serendipity Farmhouse vineyard. With all due apologies, this week you will be subjected to yet another story of vineyard woes.

(Please refer to previous accounts of this most frustrating saga here and here.)

As is illustrated by the featured image, wind gusts exceeding 20 mph toppled our newly erected arbor early on the morning of February 26. My dear, sweet Wife and I woke that morning to that most aggravating sight. Mounting posts, supposedly designed to keep the structure firmly anchored, easily gave way under the force of the winds.

Recognizing that the new arbor’s mounting posts were, (a) not well designed and (b) impossible to sink to a suitable depth in the ground due to the rocks beneath, I knew that it was time to head to the hardware store to procure devices to anchor the arbor to the ground. Below you will see the temporary fix. During heavy gusts yesterday, the anchors did their job, but dearest Spouse quickly pointed out that the structure is not level.



There was some damage to the arbor when it crashed to the ground. A corner brace was pulled out from its recessed mount. Because of poor design on the placement of the reinforcing screw, the brace was not firmly fastened to the vertical post. I have added another screw at an appropriate place.

There will be one more episode in this ongoing saga. ThatIMG_20200223_120155200_HDR_edited will be the day when beautiful, levelheaded Spouse escorts me to the arbor construction site and provides detailed instructions on how to bring the new arbor to be completely level.


In reparation for boring you to tears with my ramblings about fallen arbors, sometime soon I will have a post recounting how dear Daughter #2 and Son-in-law #2 gave me a most appreciated early birthday present – a trip to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.


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