Recipes by Jacques Pépin

Recipes by Jacques Pepin

Over the years, many a grandchild has tried to count each and every chicken in my kitchen, and many a grandchild has failed. Every time they think they’ve found them all, I point out one or two more.

Little did I know that one of my favorite chefs, Jacques Pépin, shared my love for this humble bird. In his recent book Art of the Chicken, Jacques tells us about his two great passions: cooking and painting. Chickens are at the heart of the story.

My Hubby knows me well and he knows my passions. For my birthday he presented me this autographed print of Black and Yellow Rooster by Jacques. It is now the chicken my grandchildren will always see first when they come into my kitchen.

For your cooking pleasure, here are some of my favorite recipes by Jacques Pépin. As you prepare them, you will know that the entire staff of the SFH Test Kitchen wishes you:

Happy Cooking!