SFH Journal: 2019-01-15 through 19

Highlight: They (Mr. Monte and Blondie) have called me a Weather Geek from Outer Space. They have tried to smear my good reputation. There are three things, however, that provide solace and perhaps even a touch of vindication:

  1. Several members of our vast and ever growing SFH audience provided positive comments defending my dedication to understanding that which surrounds us always – the weather.
  2. My beautiful wife asks me frequently what to expect with this erratic January weather. “Should we build a fire?” “Can we plan a shopping trip on such-and-such a day?” Yes, she comes to the Weather Geek for advice.
  3. Mr. Monte begs to go out on the porch, and then he comes running back in with a look of disgust – “Why didn’t you warn me that it was windy, rainy, and cold out there?” – I merely reply with a smile, slightly accentuated with a bit of sarcasm – “Foolish Cat!”

Thank you dear readers for your support.

SFH WX Station Report: Snow, wintry mix, rain, wind, etc. January is here and the pattern of unusually high precipitation events continues into the new year. The 19th saw over an inch of rain falling on SFH. The yard continues to be filled with standing water. The only good thing that will come of this will be that SFH will have a skating rink when the flash freeze arrives on the 20th.

2019-01-15 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 43.2 °F 16 °F 29.5 °F
Dew Point 25.5 °F 14.7 °F 21.6 °F
Humidity 97% 46% 79%
Precipitation 0.03 in

2019-01-16 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 49.5 °F 14 °F 31.8 °F
Dew Point 29.5 °F 11.8 °F 21.6 °F
Humidity 95% 44% 79%
Precipitation 0.01 in

2019-01-17 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 37.6 °F 24.8 °F 31.2 °F
Dew Point 30.2 °F 23.7 °F 27.3 °F
Humidity 97% 60% 86%
Precipitation 0 in

2019-01-18 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 45.5 °F 26.2 °F 35.8 °F
Dew Point 37 °F 25.7 °F 32.1 °F
Humidity 99% 72% 91%
Precipitation 0.15 in

2019-01-19 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 36.3 °F 32.7 °F 34.5 °F
Dew Point 35.2 °F 32.2 °F 33.5 °F
Humidity 99% 90% 97%
Precipitation 1.04 in

I Married a Weather Geek from Outer Space

Enough is enough is enough! My hubby is unusual, unique, eccentric, and lately he is just plain obsessed. Ever since he convinced me that the new Serendipity Farmhouse Weather Station would be “something we would both enjoy”, he has been lost in some geeky lala weather land.

Mr. Monte and I have had our fill of this blasted obsession. Look at what he’s done with our once beautiful blog. Post after post, here and here and here and here , are filled with the most boring, and ridiculous weather nonsense. Why can’t he just get a life and talk about good things like food and family and his beautiful and creative wife.

At this point, for you our beloved readers and for me and my sanity, I can only hope and pray that he regains his senses. When I married him, I knew that he was geeky and loved technology, but I never thought that it would come to this.

Hi! Mr. Monte here. Blondie, the poor dear, just broke down in tears and asked me to finish this post. Amidst her mournful sobbing, I could hear her sigh that she was now just a “technology widow”. Even my hard and cold catly heart had to break when I heard those words.

Old Fuzz Face, is a weather geek and a cyber obsessed weirdo, but he really isn’t all that smart. He doesn’t understand the science behind what he’s doing. He’s really not much better than a misguided high school dropout – a real sad case, if you ask me.

Mr. Monte alias Cyber-Tooth

Nope, here at Serendipity Farmhouse, I’m the one with skills – stalking skills, hunting skills, even cyber skills. In fact, Blondie, who knows that I’m the real genius behind this blog, calls me “Cyber-Tooth”. Fuzz Face is just a geeky human juvenile that never grew up.


And as far as understanding weather goes, especially winter weather, Fuzz Face is a mere amateur. Winter weather is in my blood, wrapped within the spirals of my DNA. We cats, especially Maine Coons, go way back and we have instincts about weather that Fuzz Face could never comprehend. Let me share with you two pictures from when I was just two years old. They show how well prepared, through instinct and incredible catly intellect, I am to handle any weather that nature might throw my way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For Blondie’s sake and for my own, I hope that Old Fuzz Face recovers from his compulsive-obsessive weather dementia and returns to this world. Until he does, I can only consider him to be of even lesser mental capacity than Kip Dynamite.


SFH Journal: 2019-01-13 & 14 – Winter Storm Gia – Farewell

Highlight: Winter Storm Gia has moved out of the area and the melting snow is the last reminder of its visit. The only problem now is the long trek to the woodshed to fetch a cartload of firewood to keep the wood stove fueled.

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Meanwhile, that self-centered, 20-pound fuzzball Mr. Monte alternates between demanding a warm fire so he can be his lazy winter self and begging to go out onto the porch so that he can imagine that he is some sort of ice age Smilodon Fatalis.

How Mr. Monte sees himself as S. fatalis restored with spotted coat

Lately, my dear wife has been grumbling about my fixation on the new SFH WX station. Heck if I know why. Maybe she’s getting cabin fever. It couldn’t be anything I’ve done.

SFH WX Station Report: Winter Storm Gia continued to drop snow on SFH throughout the 13th. Using our highly advanced technical equipment we measured just over six inches of snow on the first day and just a little less than two inches on the second day of the storm.

2019-01-13 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 31.5 °F 27.5 °F 29.4 °F
Dew Point 28.4 °F 24.8 °F 26.7 °F
Humidity 96% 83% 92%
Precipitation 0 in

2019-01-14 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 37 °F 16.3 °F 26.6 °F
Dew Point 28 °F 14.7 °F 23.6 °F
Humidity 95% 54% 81%
Precipitation 0.12 in

SFH Journal: 2019-01-09 through 12 – Winter Storm Gia – Prelude

Highlight: The big news for this part of Virginia is the arrival of Winter Storm Gia. It’s not a blizzard, but it’s impact on Rappahannock County and on the vast (almost 1.25 acres) Serendipity Farmhouse estate is noticeable. As I am writing this on Sunday, January 13th, we are now into the second day of the storm and expect more snowfall this afternoon. When the storm subsides, I intend to post pictures and facts about the event.

Last year we talked about Winter Storm Riley (here) and now we are under the influence of Winter Storm Gia. Naming winter storms is a relatively new practice. You can find a history of the practice and a listing of the names for winter storms for the 2018-2019 winter season at – Winter Storm Names For 2018-19 Revealed

The Weather History Graph for the SFH WX Station (see below) for January 12th shows temperature, dew point, and wind indications as the front edge of the storm passed over SFH. Note that the snow began to fall between four and five PM, just as the temperature and dew point merged.

ws gia arrives

SFH WX Station Report: The reporting period begins with relatively balmy temperatures for January. The warmer weather moved out and was replaced by cold air from the north. On the 12th, Winter Storm Gia moved in from the west and southwest and met with the cold air. Temperatures dropped, dew points rose and Voila! SFH is now covered in white.

2019-01-09 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 51.6 °F 29.7 °F 40.7 °F
Dew Point 32.5 °F 10.9 °F 21.3 °F
Humidity 64% 36% 47%
Precipitation 0 in

2019-01-10 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 34 °F 26.6 °F 30.3 °F
Dew Point 13.8 °F 8.1 °F 11.4 °F
Humidity 54% 38% 47%
Precipitation 0 in

2019-01-11 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 39.7 °F 23 °F 31.3 °F
Dew Point 20.1 °F 11.1 °F 14.6 °F
Humidity 87% 32% 56%
Precipitation 0 in

2019-01-12 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 32.7 °F 23.7 °F 28.1 °F
Dew Point 27 °F 14.9 °F 22.9 °F
Humidity 94% 50% 81%
Precipitation 0 in


SFH Journal: 2018-01-06 through 08

Highlight:  What is the meaning of “20+C+M+B+19”? — Well, I’m glad you asked.

Serendipity Farmhouse is a special place, a state of mind, and a retreat from a troubled world. Even if there is bad weather and hard times, it is our home – it is the place where we believe we were meant to be. And without becoming overly religious or pious, this is where God wants us to be during this time in our life. For that reason, like many others throughout the world, on the Solemnity of the Epiphany we asked God to bless our house.

So, on Sunday we wrote “20+C+M+B+19” above the entrances to our house. You can clearly see the year “2019”. The three letters “C+M+B” have two meanings. First they represent the traditional names of the three Magi – Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar and they stand for the phrase “Christus mansionem benedicat”, which means “May Christ bless this house”.

If you would like to know more about this simple custom, check out the link here.

SFH WX Station Report: Roller coaster weather – highs bouncing up and down, but the National Weather Service tells us snow is coming on Saturday (12 JAN) and Sunday (13 JAN). No accumulation amounts have been predicted yet, but we do know the temperatures are already dropping.

06 January High Low Average
Temperature 60.4 °F 30.2 °F 45.2 °F
Dew Point 37.8 °F 23.2 °F 30.6 °F
Humidity 97% 30% 68%
Precipitation 0 in
07 Janauary High Low Average
Temperature 39.4 °F 29.1 °F 34.2 °F
Dew Point 32 °F 22.8 °F 26.8 °F
Humidity 92% 56% 71%
Precipitation 0 in
08 Janauary High Low Average
Temperature 62.2 °F 30.6 °F 46.2 °F
Dew Point 49.5 °F 29.8 °F 37.6 °F
Humidity 97% 47% 80%
Precipitation 0.11 in


SFH Journal: 2019-01-05 – Grandsons & Weather

We’ll keep it short today as we play catch up and get ready for my first work week of the new year.

Highlight: Son #1 came over for a visit. He brought Grandsons #1, #2, and #4. It was raining when they arrived. A frontal system had moved through and all the boys were interested in seeing how the new SFH WX Station plotted and graphed the wind speed, wind direction, and  temperature changes. It wasn’t a science lesson, it was a practical demonstration of how to observe what goes on around you and make sense of it. Even more importantly, it was a chance for us to spend some good time together.

Granny outdid herself putting on a good feed for the hungry lads. Of course, there were some of their favorites – corn chips and SFH’s finest G&G H-Bomb III Salsa. Grandson #4 looked a little overawed with the effects of his portion of Peter’s Pickled Jalapeno Peppers. He was not deterred – he ate them all.

There’s nothing like a day with the grand-boys!

Weather: I included the wind information for Saturday the 5th to show wind gusts recorded just as Son #1 and the grand-boys arrived at SFH.

04 JAN, Friday High Low Average
Temperature 45.1 °F 28.6 °F 36.8 °F
Dew Point 41.7 °F 27.9 °F 35.7 °F
Humidity 99% 81% 93%
Precipitation 0.11 in
05 JAN, Saturday High Low Average
Temperature 58.1 °F 35.4 °F 46.7 °F
Dew Point 47.1 °F 30.6 °F 39.4 °F
Humidity 99% 43% 79%
Precipitation 0.18 in
05 JAN, Saturday High Low Average
Wind Speed 15 mph 1 mph
Wind Gust 24 mph
Wind Direction WNW
Pressure 29.79 in 29.39 in


SFH Journal: 2019-01-04 – Why Report Weather?

Why is weather reporting important? For almost a year you’ve heard us complain about windstorms, hurricanes, temperature, humidity, and rain. But all of that whining is merely anecdotal. Using calibrated and reliable instrumentation, we can now give you actual data and relate them across days, weeks, months, and years. It’s wetter, but how much wetter. It’s humid, but how humid. Now we can show you why 95°F at SFH is different than 95°F in Idaho Falls, ID.

Weather is the story behind the many other stories here at SFH. This is our way of helping you understand.

Highlight: The Serendipity Farmhouse Weather (WX) Station has been up and running for over 24 hours. We are slowly familiarizing ourselves with the workings of the new system, but we have a long way to go until we can bring you select WX data on the blog.

For the time being,  we have to learn more about the system, calibrate the instrumentation, and work out the best ways to have the data presented on the blog. We will keep you informed of what we’re up to and try not to bore you with technical minutia. As is our standing policy, when we mess up, we will explain what went wrong and give you the lessons learned.

If you would like to see the near real-time readout of the new SFH WX Station click here.

SFH WX Station Report: The following table summarizes our first day of weather observations.

03 JAN – Thursday High Low Average
Temperature 50.5 °F 30.4 °F 40.4 °F
Dew Point 35.6 °F 29.5 °F 31.7 °F
Humidity 96% 49% 82%
Precipitation 0 in