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Japan, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, and Virginia – We’ve set up housekeeping in so many different places. We made our last move in 2013 – This old farmhouse, this place we call Serendipity Farmhouse, is finally a place we can call home. Come join us and see how we’ve answered the call of Serendipity.

There’s never a dull moment at Serendipity Farmhouse. Take a look at some of the momentous work that goes on here.

Farmhouse Living

See the challenges and rewards that come with living in an old farmhouse.

Our Farmhouse
Test Kitchen

We test all kinds of recipes. See our tips on cooking and preserving.

Learn to Cook
RV Living

It’s our home away from home. So much to see; so much to do!

Come Explore

It’s not just an old farmhouse. No, our blog will introduce the many characters who keep everything shipshape here at Serendipity. Yes, it has a crew that is quite impressive.


Our Blog: Meet the Serendipity Farmhouse Crew

Ol’ Fuzz Face, Miss Blondie, Mr. Monte, Persnickety Pierre just to name a few. By the way, Mr. Monte is not just another Maine Coon Cat. He runs this place. Check out page 1 of the March-April edition of Cooperative Living Magazine. He is our “FELINE PRODUCTIVE”.

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