SFH Journal: 2019-02-03 through 02-09 – Calamity!

Dear Reader, please forgive me if this post is relatively short and devoid of humor and hope. As you will see in the weather graphic below, in the wake of a sizable rainfall, a great windstorm blew through the immense Serendipity Farmhouse estate on Friday, February 7th. Although the highest recorded gust was only 26.2 mph, you must understand that the SFH Weather Station is mounted on a pole only seven feet high and is blocked by trees. That means that wind gusts were actually much greater.

Whatever the wind speed was, it was sufficient to totally wipe out the infrastructure of our most fruitful vineyard. Only time will tell if we will be able to restore the vineyard to its once great glory.

Big Wind

Here we see the true devastation wrought by this calamity.

After we celebrated our joyous harvest of grapes last August, we were looking forward with great expectations as a larger local winery offered to process our grapes and turn them into a great vintage wine. We found that our grapes would be mixed with grapes from other vineyards. The vintner said that he had come up with a rare and distinctive blend. To match the quality of the product, the winery created an equally rare and distinctive label.

The next time you visit Serendipity Farmhouse, we will be glad to invite you in for a quality tasting.

SFH Box Wine

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