Serendipitous Farmhouse Food Talk & Recipes


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Serendipity Farmhouse is a place for recalling, living, and making memories. Each memory has its proper place in our lives. Some are personal and private. Some are filled with sadness. Some, especially those about family and food , are joyous and need to be preserved, shared, and passed on to every generation.

Not surprisingly, our fondest memories of food are shaped by how we were raised and where we have been. My beautiful spouse is a girl raised in the South (GRITS) and yours truly is from the the mid-West. Together, we lived in Japan for over 10 years, in Hawaii for three years, as well as Texas, and California. Our two stays in Virginia amount to over 25 years. And tucked in between those two stays were six years in Idaho. – – Think of all the foods we encountered along the way.

Food Talk & Recipes

SFH Food 2018-01: Mom’s Pimento Cheese

SFH Food 2018-02: The Idaho Potato

SFH Food 2018-03: G&G Idaho Fries

SFH Food 2018-04: Julia, Butter & Serendipity Farmhouse

SFH Food 2018-05: Goat milk cheese? – No, not just yet.

SFH Food 2018-06: Goat milk cheese? – Yes, now!

SFH Food 2018-07: Baby Back Ribs at SFH