SFH Journal: 2020-03-02 through 03-08

The word “busy” is quite inadequate to describe the events here at Serendipity Farmhouse this week. Consequently, all of our daily chores and work on this post have had to take a back seat to doing the important things. Here are just a few of the events that, most happily, occupied our time.

Driving Lessons: A certain grandson visited us from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday morning. This was not your usual run-of-the-mill, fantastically exciting visit to SFH. No! This was a visit with a purpose. What purpose you might ask?

This young man and yours truly set about the serious task of driver training. I could fill pages with narrative about the event, but let me just say the following. Early on Monday morning I sat beside a grandson who had never started an auto engine. At 10:30 AM on Wednesday, that same grandson drove his granny and granddad to Mass on a four-lane divided highway at 55 mph. – – Granny was favorably impressed.

There will be more to this saga in coming weeks.

Liver & Onions for a New Generation: In honor of my dear brother Tim, whose birthday was March 3rd, Blondie and I made one of his favorite dishes, liver & onions, as a memorial dinner. We gave our visiting grandson the option of eating something else or trying Tim’s favorite. To make a long story very short, dear grandson ate the meal with great enthusiasm and was ready for more. – – Tim, a new generation has taken the torch in hand, the tradition will live on. – – P.S. We miss you!

Annual SFH “First Robin of Spring Contest: In the past, this event has been both a cause for great rejoicing and, at times, a cause for some passionate discussion. This year, the three judges, Blondie, Mr. Monte and I, seriously considered the photographic entries for the contest in all manners, aspects, and ways. – The decision was unanimous. Both entries from the Eastern branch of the family were selected as winners.

There was one judge, however, who indicated that next year he would like to have more substantial evidence than mere photos. He suggested that the subject robins be brought to SFH for his close personal examination. – – Meeooww!

Level-headed Wife: My dearest spouse, level in hand, requested my presence at the site IMG_20200223_120155200_HDR_editedof the new arbor. Under her expert direction, the new arbor is almost level. The new anchor pins held up well under the force of recent high winds. It was still too early to obtain any praise or even simple acknowledgement from my beautiful Wife. – – Perhaps someday I’ll meet her expectations.

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  1. Who can know what admirable good those young, sturdy hands will achieve in years to come?

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