SFH Journal: 2019-11-18 through 11-24 – I Love My Paws

Hi, Mr. Monte here!

Did you know your every day, run of the mill domestic cat has a total of 18 toes, with five toes on each fore paw, and four toes on each hind paw? – – – Ahem!!! I am not your every day, run of the mill domestic cat. – – – I am a highly prized, certified, documented, polydactyl Main Coon cat. Here’s what I mean. Study the following pictures closely – pay attention to my snow prints.

In the pictures above, you see my hind paw print with five very well defined toe indentations. So, that means I have one more toe than your average cat on each hind paw. But, dear readers, that is only part of the story. As you can see in this selfie of my hind paw, the true story is each of my hind paws actually has six toes (and, of course, six terrifyingly sharp and lethal claws). The sixth toe is somewhat obscured by exceptionally beautiful, shiny fur.

IMG_20191124_133538981 (2)

But, dear readers, that is still only part of the story. When we get to my fore paws, there are even more fascinating facts concerning how I am distinguished from your every day, run of the mill domestic cat.

Each of my fore paws is also endowed with six majestic and lethal claws. The sixth toe on each paw gives me an extra catly “thumb”. Because of the breadth of each paw, I am able to accomplish feats impossible to everyday cats. These “thumbs” mimic the human hand and allow me to grasp objects – my paw is a “prehensile” organ.

Other polydactyl cats can open doors, pick up objects, etc. My extra toes, however, are even more capable. For example, all of the closeup shots above were selfies I took using Old Fuzz Face’s smart phone.

Once I got the hang of how the smart phone worked. It wasn’t long before I learned how to text. If you think some humans are fast at texting using two thumbs, imagine how quickly I can send a text using four thumbs.

Although I compose most of my world renowned posts on a regular keyboard using a “hunt and kill” erhh, I mean “hunt and peck” typing method, often I use the smart phone keyboard and type with my four magnificent thumbs.

Now that I have educated you on the joys of being a highly prized, certified, documented, polydactyl Main Coon cat, I guess I should let you know about this past week at Serendipity Farmhouse – it wasn’t so good.

The week started with Blondie enduring sickness. That was complicated by a reaction to medication that had consequences that should not be mentioned here. Just as she was improving and enjoying her first day out of the house, she and Fuzz Face encountered a rather serious problem with their family car.

After being inspected and examined by the dealership, they were told the cost for repair. Both of my big cats (Blondie and Fuzz Face) reacted in somewhat predictable ways. Blondie saw immediate doom coming to all aspects of her life from that moment extending all the way to the grave and beyond.

Old Fuzz Face, reacted to the estimate as if an arrow had just pierced the very heart of his “inner cheap”. The reaction was immediate and severe. But, I couldn’t keep from laughing because, as the picture shows, he has probably been living too long with yours truly.

0316191621a_HDR (2)

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2 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2019-11-18 through 11-24 – I Love My Paws”

  1. This is hysterical! The image in my head of Mr. Monte typing out a text with his four thumbs on a Smart Phone – that alone is making me laugh – never mind the rest of it!
    But I am sorry about your woes, the illness and the car. Hope both are on their way to being resolved.
    Love you, Mr. Monte. And if you think of it, give a hello to Fuzz Face and Blondie.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate the fact that you found some humor in my post. Nevertheless, you should read my posts with the understanding that there are several layers of truth and, as you read more closely, you will find insights that are most profound.
    I conveyed your regards to Fuzz Face and Blondie after I revived the old guy. He’s still stuttering, stammering, and stumbling about, but I’m sure he’ll recover eventually. Well, gotta go now – I have some text messages to answer. —
    Mr. Monte

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