Mother’s Day Musing

Hi! Mr. Monte here!

To my 23,417 feline followers, especially my many cat cousins residing in Virginia and Ohio, Mother’s Day is different for cats than it is for humans. I was reminded of that just yesterday when Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 came for lunch to visit Blondie. These lovely young ladies made the trek to Serendipity Farmhouse with the sole intent of letting Blondie know how much they love her. It was such a heartwarming sight – it made me all purrful inside.

At the same time, it made me think back of that wonderful and magical short time I had with my dear Mother – Malala. I was one of the eight siblings who were in her first litter. It was unusual for a Maine Coon to have such a large first litter and Mom was very young. But she was so very good to us, giving each of us affection and care as only a mother cat can do. Many of us in the litter took after Dad. We were, indeed, a mischievous bunch. Mom was firm, but tender in her discipline.

She spent much time showing us the Maine Coon way of life. We would be hunters; we would be brave; we would be resourceful; and we would, as Maine Coons rightly must be, independent. All of those things were necessary because cats by nature must all too soon leave their feline families. And so it was with me. It has been many years since I’ve seen Mom, and, in my own Maine Coonly way, I miss her on this Mother’s day.

Malala of Makanacoon

You know how good I am at research on the computer. Recently, I did some searches to find out more about my Mom. Here are a couple of things I found. (By the way thank you to Makanacoon, whose picture of Mom I borrowed to show you.)

First, I found Mom’s biography. If you read it closely, you will find that “She is our lookout kitty who sits in a cat tree in front of a window that looks out into our front yard.” Does that sound familiar? Now I know why I came to be the world-renowned Chief of Security that I am.

From what I remember and from what others have told me, Mom never put on airs. She always put family first. She was a model of humility and motherhood. You would have never known, except by her obvious beauty and charm, that she was a true champion of the Maine coon breed. If you get a chance, you might take a look at Pedigree Of Champion MAKANACOON’S MALALA.

For various reasons, Mom had to retire early. I’m told that she has a new human family of her own. They are taking good care of her, and she is loved.

And that brings me to the point of my Mother’s Day Musing. – Just like my dear Mom, I have a human family of my own. Every day, Blondie makes time for me and my few needs. Her warm and tender hands have taken the place of my Mom’s paws and have made every day a day of happiness. I may not be human like Daughters #1 and #2, but I am a Maine Coon who knows how a Mother’s love can make me feel warm and purrful deep down inside. – – Happy Mother’s Day Malala and Happy Mother’s Day Blondie!

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