Miss Fleur’s Reply

Dear Mr. Monte,

Wishing you a Special Valentine’s Day
because you are so special to me!

Forever yours,

Hi! Mr. Monte here.

There was much more that Miss Fleur wrote to me, but those words were most private. I’m sure you understand. They will remain etched upon my heart forever.

In celebration of this most happy event, I made a special cherry pie to share with Blondie and Ol’ Fuzz Face. As you may remember, last year I showed you How to Make a Valentine Pie. At the time, I did not have the confidence to declare myself so completely for Miss Fleur. That is why my Valentine Pie only had the silhouette of a single and quite lonely cat.

This year is far different because Miss Fleur has responded to my Valentine card. This has brought me such great joy that I decided to make another Valentine pie illustrating my most happy new situation. So, below you can see in a most beautiful and tasty way the difference a year can make. – – – Thank you, Mr. Wiser. You have changed my life.

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