SFH Journal: 2020-01-20 through 01-26 – Gotta Have a Plan

When you have a large-scale agricultural undertaking like we have here at Serendipity Farmhouse and Spring is lurking around the corner, you gotta have a plan. Dear, sweet Spouse and I are now locked into intense, collaborative brainstorming sessions on just how to manage the multiple vegetable gardens on our vast 1.24 acre estate. It’s not a simple task.

If that were not enough to fill every spare moment in our mid-Winter days, we also have the gigantic burden of planning a full season of RV-ing in our Class-C RV El Camino Del Monte. Maintenance, meal planning, provisioning, route selection, making reservations, and general logistics all come into play requiring intricate and detailed scheduling of time and resources. To make this the best RV-ing year ever, we have to invest time and work together as a well-disciplined team.


Ahem! Mr. Monte here.

I’m interrupting Ol’ Fuzz Face during his over extended, crazed bloviating and useless prattle to let you in on what a cat with a real life is doing. Yes, right now, your beloved feline friend, moi, is planning out my strategy to capture the heart of my dearest love, Miss Fleur. Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and sweet Miss Fleur is certainly the most lovely young thing in this part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I already have a card and some tasty snacks for her. Tonight, I will compose a love letter that will surely win her heart.

This is how it is at SFH on a mid-Winter day – especially when “You Gotta Have a Plan”.


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  1. Must say I’m impressed with all you do out there! And then I must add…so glad it is YOU ( as in ‘not me’) that is doing all that 🙂

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