Goats & Reality

Hidden somewhere in the midst of Reality

In my life, it has always been better to seek reality than to hide from it. Here in Rappahannock County, reality exists with both a small and a capital ‘R’. For example, in this blog, you have heard us say about Serendipity Farmhouse, “This is not the house of our dreams; this is the house is the house of our realities.”

In our post Goat milk cheese? – No, not just yet. we introduced you to Reality Farm in Washington, VA. And that farm is an SFH “Reality” deserving of a capital ‘R’. This is not a show farm, this is a working farm. And in the midst of that Reality are large gatherings of my favorite farm animal – goats. And, other than my 20-pound Maine Coon cat, Mr. Monte, there is no animal with which I would rather spend my time.

So, it was with great joy and jubilation that I received word from our dear friends at Reality Farm that the new kids were being born and were arriving in great numbers. Dearest Spouse understood how important this was to me and she released me early from my chores today so that I could talk with my old friends and meet with the brand new young ones.

Hi, Fuzz Face! Where have you been?

After 140+ days of gestation through late Autumn and well into Winter, the does/nannies had carried their young ones. Now, almost as if they were waiting for this temporary warm spell, the young ones are making their appearance.

Though somewhat shaky at first, they gain their footing, and begin to do what naturally comes to young kids – they romp. For a young goat this is a most joyful reality.

And each nanny and young kid finds a natural bond; and, this too, is a most joyful reality.

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With hunger satisfied and love bestowed, it is time to explore.

An afternoon stroll to meet our neighbors

For my new found friends, the joyful realities multiply with each hour and day. Curiosity and discovery far exceed the limitations of mere imagination. These kids are comfortably at home in their new realities.

Don’t worry, Mom, we’re just playing.

Today, at least for a brief time, I was able to step out of this world’s foolish fantasies and walk in a small part of  God’s great Reality. And there will always be much more to see.

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One last look at Reality












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  1. Reality Farm is a wonderful place.Fresh milk,farm fresh eggs.What a joy to be living in Rappahannock.

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