SFH Journal: 2019-12-09 through 12-15

0924191434b-2.jpgHi! Mr. Monte here.

I have the writing duties today. Old Fuzz Face had to take the day off for a couple of reasons.

First, the poor old guy ain’t what he used to be. My speculation is that he never was. Today, he’s complaining about having to write blog posts two days in a row. – – You would think that the way he throws mediocre thoughts on a page and expects people to think that he is writing some kind of inspired prose wouldn’t be very tiring. But, no! Fuzz Face is moaning about how the work of “artistic creativity” drains his physical and mental reserves. – – Poppycock! The old guy is a lazy faker. – – Just sayin’.

Now Fuzz Face’s second reason for bowing out of writing today might be closer to the truth. Why! Well, it seems as though he made a really serious faux pas the other day and is experiencing the wrath of a very perturbed and highly agitated Blondie. – – It seems as though the rapidly aging dunderhead committed the “unspeakable crime”. What crime you may ask? Well, take a look at the featured picture. Yep, you got it! – – – Fuzzy put the little red Elf dude in the refrigerator.

I saw the whole thing. He passed by me while I was trying to take a siesta in the living room. The little red dude was in his hand and he was chuckling to himself with impish glee. I watched as he opened the refrigerator door, still chuckling.

I prefer to live in a peaceful household. And, after all, I am the Serendipity Farmhouse Chief of Security. It was obvious to me that Fuzz Face was about to cross the line of “No Return”. Nothing good could come out of this childish, ill-advised prank. I meowed to him in my loudest most distressed warning, “Fuzz Face, don’t do it! You’re placing yourself in dire peril!” – – My warning was to no avail. The old chucklehead had just signed his own death warrant.

It was an hour or two before the inevitable happened. Blondie was complaining that she couldn’t find her beloved, sweet, little red Elf. Even then you could hear in her voice that she had suspected that Fuzz Face had been up to no good.

Without finding her little red friend, she started to make dinner. And, of course, you can figure out the rest. Yep! She had to open up the refrigerator.

The door opened. Blondie saw her dear, sweet little friend shivering with the cold. His breath wreaked of dill pickles and he was beginning to turn green around the edges. Then came the scream. Several neighbors wondered whether there was cause to call 911. – – – Then there was silence.

Grandchildren read this blog, so I won’t give an accounting of what happened next. – – Suffice it to say, Old Fuzz Face is chuckling no more.

The score is now: Little Red Elf one – Old Fuzz Face none

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5 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2019-12-09 through 12-15”

  1. I’m laughing at the picture! That’s a hoot!! (Sorry… Don’t disown me.)
    At least Elfie wasn’t in the freezer!!

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