SFH Journal: 2019-08-26 through 09-01

This past week was highlighted by a visit by our most sweet, charming, and imaginative Granddaughter #1. She brightened up Serendipity Farmhouse with delightful conversation and insights into a surprisingly positive and hopeful worldview. Even Mr. Monte moped about with a feeling of absence in our home when Granddaughter #1 had to leave.

As this journal week ends on the beginning of a new month, we can see that the Summer is now giving way to the first signs of Autumn. For several plants in the vegetable garden, the growing season has come to or soon will come to an end. This is natural and good. For those who Pray, Prepare, and Preserve, this is expected and it is welcomed.


Here are some brighter moments from the week – – –

0826191337_HDR (2)08-26 Monday: This was an all-day adventure delving into the the history of political thought, horticulture, and innovative thinking in our Commonwealth of Virginia. Granddaughter #1 captured the essence of the day in her post Monticello & Granddaughter #1.

08-27 Tuesday: A day of conversation, work in the garden, and catching up on chores provided necessary relief from driving, waiting in lines, and tourist frustration. There is joy to be found in waking up to a cup of coffee and some honest labor. As you can see below, this was a productive day for the gardens.

0827191604c (2)The never-to-be-world-famous apple trees here at SFH have suffered greatly from a year of extreme over watering followed by a summer of extended, extreme heat. That we have any apples at all this year must be considered a blessing. So, today, with the apple picker I purchased last year but was never able to use, I went out and picked a representative sample of what is growing on our trees. (Full disclosure: This picture was staged and all the spots and blemishes have been hidden from view. Even with that, these are not prize winning apples.)

A Great and Wonderful Birthday Gift: DSC_0719 (2)Oh, by the way, did I ever tell you that our family loves Japanese Gyoza. Of course I have, you just didn’t remember. (To refresh your memory see How to Make Japanese Gyoza.) Well, Daughter #1 outdid herself by treating my wondrous Wife to a Gyoza feast for her birthday. Loving daughter spent the best part of a day preparing approximately 100 of those delicious treats. The fortunate partakers in the feast included Daughter #1’s family, adorable Wife, and yours truly. Mr. Monte refrained from joining in due to certain private weight control issues.

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