SFH Journal: 2019-09-02 through 08

We’ll keep this short today with just a few words about preserving and planting.

On September 5th, Serendipity Farmhouse set an all-time record for preserving our own garden grown vegetables. Tomatoes were in great abundance this year, so we can boast of canning a total of 27 pints of salsa and 18 pints of pasta sauce.

There are still many more tomatoes ripening on the vines. We plan on giving some away to friends and family and experimenting with recipes for spicy green tomato salsa and fried green tomatoes. Mr. Monte has already started collecting recipes.

Meanwhile, the okra crop keeps coming in. The plants have not grown to their usual size and their leaves are sparse and ragged. This may be due to attacks by Japanese beetles and shield bugs (stink bugs) in addition to extended periods of 90° plus temperatures. Nevertheless, the plants keep producing and appear to be recovering from pests and heat.

This week, dearest beautiful Wife planted three rows of an 18th-century English variety of black-seeded Romaine lettuce called Bath Cos lettuce. That, along with the three rows of arugula she planted a couple of weeks ago, will be coming into its maturity as we move into Autumn.

As in any year of great bounty, thanks must be given. Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful harvest!

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