SFH Journal: 2019-02-17 through 22

Highlight: Hi! Mr. Monte here. We had some winter weather this week. Old Fuzz Face and Blondie were totally involved in their “Biscuit Boondoggle” and entirely missed what was going on outside.

I took the opportunity to go up to my room (yes, I have my own room) and surveyed my realm from the northeast window.  This is what I saw.

0221190757c (2)

When that is what I see outside the window, this is what you can expect to see of me.

0221190757a (2)

Winter is for long naps on a warm blanket.

SFH WX Station Report: Fuzzy is still munching on biscuits, so I had to prepare the weather stats for you.

Weekly End 2019-02-22B

Right about now he would say something technical and boring that you wouldn’t care to waste your time on. He would have you note how the temperature and the dew point came together and, voila, there was snow. He would also tell you that the accumulated snow on the weather station made it look like there was no wind. – – OK, obligatory techie stuff complete, now back to sleep.

Weekly End 2019-02-22

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  1. Very interesting, Mr. Monte!! FYI, thank you for sharing Your servants with me yesterday. It was kind of you and I enjoyed their company.

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