Blondie’s Biscuits – Yes!

All is well with the world! My beautiful and highly skilled spouse has made all things right – she made biscuits for breakfast. No, they still weren’t quite up to par with her Mom’s, but she’s getting closer. She has sworn to keep that goal in sight. There is no doubt that breakfasts at Serendipity Farmhouse will become even more enjoyable as time goes by.

To add to the morning’s enjoyment, I pulled out our well worn butter churn and made fresh butter to accompany dear wife’s tasty biscuits. (See Julia, Butter & Serendipity Farmhouse.)  Imagine in your mind – warm biscuits just out from the oven, freshly made butter at room temperature, and several different types of honey. Add to that thought steaming hot, dark coffee and the morning sun outside beginning to melt yesterday’s snowfall. – Yes, dear reader, there can be some truly beautiful mornings here at Serendipity Farmhouse, even in the midst February.

Meanwhile, Mr. Monte has been laying low. After his rather less than delicate and thoughtful post yesterday (Blondie’s Biscuits?), he is avoiding my dear wife and hiding in the shadows. Even an alpha Maine Coon with mighty claws and teeth knows when he may have overstepped his bounds.


2 thoughts on “Blondie’s Biscuits – Yes!”

  1. Yes, Mr. Monte, be wary. Don’t mess with the lady of the house because, as the saying goes, if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Besides, I know Blondie provides your afternoon treat and just might decide you need to go on a little fast…not a threat, Mr. Monte, just reality.

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