SFH Journal: 2018-07-24

Highlight: Two highly important food-related items have come to my attention that require some explanation:

First, I made the assumption that everyone in the world knows about linguiça. This fine Portuguese style smoke-cured pork sausage has been part of my life since I could first eat solid food. The feature picture provides some facts about the brand we use. (For those in the know, there is a point of hidden coincidence here.)  Whereas in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, one can obtain this tasty delight most everywhere, it is difficult to find a reliable supplier in Virginia. We have found that Harris Teeter grocery stores usually have some in stock.

Second, with regard to The Besto of Pesto recipe, we should have noted that this pesto tastes best if it has been allowed to rest a night in the refrigerator before coming out for the main event. This allows the flavors to mingle and get to know one another. And, please, don’t despair and throw away any unused pesto. It can be placed in a container and be allowed to take a sabbatical in the freezer, at least for a couple of months. That’s where our leftover pesto is right now.

Weather: Today was cloudy, a bit cooler, with mixed sunshine, rain, and drizzle. The humidity was near 100% most of the day. Even with the lower temperatures, it was beginning to get that oppressive feel.

2018-07-23: High – 78º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report

Harvest: Nothing to report

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  1. That was the first thing I did–google to find out just what that mystery ingredient was. I wonder, with lots of Portuguese in Twin Falls/Boise area there may be a source. What did you do while in Idaho? Sounds delicious of course. MLS

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