SFH Christmas – 2021 BC!!


To all of Mr. Monte’s 23,417 feline followers, including his many cat cousins residing in Virginia and Ohio, do not, I repeat, do not expect to see any posts authored by Mr. Monte for a long, long, long, long, long time. As of this morning at 5:00 AM, I changed the passwords on every electronic device here are Serendipity Farmhouse, and Mr. Monte is hereby denied access to any communication device whatsoever until further notice. – – He, the once world-renowned SFH Chief of Security, has committed a severe breach of professional conduct. That is why, commencing now and extending far into the forseeable future, his communications privileges are hereby revoked.

Background: Due to an unfortunate incident three weeks ago, I sustained a somewhat severe injury – I fractured four ribs and two of those ribs have multiple fractures. As a consequence of the injury, I have been unable to sleep in bed and must sleep on a chair in the SFH living room. Although this has been a hardship, my spirits were lifted on December 23rd when my dear, sweet Wife and I were finally able to erect our humble but happy little Christmas tree. Of course, that little tree, with the baby Jesus nestled at its base, was the focal point for our quiet and prayerful Christmas Eve.

3:25 AM This Morning: As I was peacefully sleeping in the easy chair next to the Christmas tree early this morning, all feelings of blissful sleep, happiness, and joy came to a nerve shattering, traumatic end as our dear SFH Christmas tree crashed down on me in my chair. Through the branches laying near my face, I looked up with a start and saw a large, frightened, 21-pound Maine Coon cat hightailing it out through the kitchen and into the dining room. It was as if you could actually see “guilt” floating in the air behind him. – – I harshly uttered a word or two is some long-forgotten language known to be spoken by very salty sailors.

From the SFH master bedroom, my most wondrous and protective Spouse asked what had happened, but her voice clearly indicated that she really knew what it was without needing to be told. She quickly entered the living room and turned on the lights. Now that she could see, she first looked for broken glass ornaments or other dangerous debris. Next, she came over to the fallen tree and began the task of moving ornaments and Christmas tree parts in hopes of finding her husband somewhere underneath.

It took about 10-15 minutes before it was safe for me to move from my chair. Together, my beautiful Bride and I resumed the search for fallen ornaments. Then, we reassembled the tree and hastily returned it to the table where it had been placed so carefully on December 23rd. – – The only fact that made this matter less bad than it could have been, was that not a single ornament was broken.

We put some of the fallen decorations back onto the tree and others we put into a bowl. Later today, we will try to restore our poor tree to its former glory.

Perhaps: Perhaps this was all just an accident. Perhaps the SFH Chief of Security was merely trying to make the placement of the ornaments more symmetrical or pleasing to the eye. Perhaps the tree was not positioned safely, and Mr. Monte was attempting to slide the tree to a safer position on the table. Perhaps …

Perhaps all of those perhapses are just a bunch of malarky, and Mr. Monte momentarily slipped into a feline fit of felonious, juvenile behavior. As I said before, “It was as if you could actually see “guilt” floating in the air behind him.”

Nevertheless, at this time, and until there is any hint of evidence to acquit him, we here at SFH will have to make the judgement that perhaps Mr. Monte was just being an SFH Christmas – 2021 BC!! and BC stands for ……

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    1. Mr.Monte has never messed with the tree until now.I think that it had something to do with Fuzzy sleeping in the chair.

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