SFH Journal: 2021-07-05 through 07-25: Upson Downsof Life Re-Revisited

Dear Reader: If you have the time, please refer to the opening section of our post SFH Journal: 2020-04-06 through 04-12 – Upson’s Life Revisited. You will find there how I finally came to resign myself to the vagaries of reality and all that they entail:

Many years have passed since I met Upson and worked with Mr. Unlucky. More and more I realize I have become much like them. The day will bring what it brings. It is the best I can hope to get. And, in the end, the best is good enough for me.

And why should I bring this up with you on this particular day? – Well, dear Reader, the last two weeks have forced me to remember my own words and to live by them as I have resolved. Here are but a few misfortunes and calamities that have beset Serendipity Farmhouse in recent days:

  • The 21-year-old dishwasher in the soon to be world-famous SFH test kitchen decided it was time to retire. Repair parts appear to be unavailable. It will likely be replaced by our home warranty service – but that replacement date remains unknown.
  • Cell phones used by my dearest Spouse and me, came to an untimely end this past week. Both had to be replaced.
  • The once reliable lawn tractor I use to mow the vast 1.203 acres of the prestigious SFH Estate died and is now sitting in a repair facility. So far, there is no diagnosis or prognosis. Meanwhile, the finely manicured lawns of SFH are turning into meadows suitable for grazing.
  • Just prior to grilling four beautiful lamb chops, our barely one-year old grill decided to malfunction. For a week it could not be used. Fortunately, I found a way to fix the problem.
  • Worst of all and most troubling to us, our esteemed SFH Chief of Security has been diagnosed with a rare and potentially serious malady afflicting his left ear. This will mean that Mr. Monte will have to travel many miles to see a veterinary specialist and likely undergo surgery. – You can be certain this is not to Mr. Monte’s liking.

Nevertheless, with trust in God, we here at SFH continue to say: The day will bring what it brings. It is the best I can hope to get. And, in the end, the best is good enough for me.

SFH Simple Salsa

We planted three weeks past our normal target date this year out of an overabundance of caution with regard to late freezes. (I detest the phrase “an overabundance of caution”, yet I use it here to castigate myself for my surrender to fear and lack of boldness in carrying out my agrarian duties.) Consequently, our harvest is coming in late. This last Friday, we finally harvested the six pounds of tomatoes needed to can our first six pints of of world-renowned Serendipity Farmhouse Salsa.

While many of our friends and family members prefer our extra spicy salsa, made with a variety of hot peppers from our garden, there are some that have a more sensitive palate. This year we decided that our first batch of salsa would be more mild. Of course our secret blend of spices would remain in our modified recipe, but the hot peppers would be saved for our second batch of salsa. Therefore, the first batch of salsa would bear the name – SFH Simple Salsa.

No doubt you have seen many of our pictures of salsa preparation. And, if it weren’t for the fact that this year’s tomatoes are coming from the garden without blemish, I would not include pictures in this post. Nevertheless, Mr. Monte and Blondie agree these Roma, Big Boy, Better boy, and Bush Goliath tomatoes just have to be seen as they are transformed from garden beauties to magnificent salsa.

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