SFH Journal: 2020-06-22 through 06-28 – A Study in Green

Preparing fantastic foods, planning and making trips in our RV El Camino Del Monte, keeping pace with an unusually brilliant and wily Maine Coon cat, and harvesting vegetables from our plenitude of gardens  – it’s hard to maintain and care for all. But, that’s what we do here at Serendipity Farmhouse.

Now, with Summer firmly settled in, we are focused on the gardens. As with any preceding growing season, there are highs and lows. The beet crop was underwhelming and the basil plants were a total disappointment. On the other hand, our vast vineyard has recovered from the late frost and is now prospering.

We have staggered our okra plantings and added purple okra to the mix. There is hope for an extended and abundant harvest. This year, we intend to pickle twice as many jars as last year.

Our garlic crop, which is almost ready for harvest, will be 30% larger than last year and we have, once again, added new varieties of peppers. Enough green beans have been picked already to serve with at least two meals.

We planted fewer tomato plants than last year and have staggered the plantings. We also are experimenting with different varieties. Interestingly, we are successfully growing young Mr. Stripey plants that came from seeds we saved from our first Mr. Stripey plant five years ago.


The one mature asparagus plant and the seven new plants in their second season are resting now. There is the promise of a relatively large harvest come next Spring. We already have the recipes ready to go. We’ll let you know how it all turns out.


SFH by the Numbers

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  1. I am looking forward to visiting when those tomatoes are nice and ripe. I volunteer time weeding if it will help me get an invitation!!

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