Goat milk cheese? – No, not just yet.

My wonderful and caring spouse has urged me, counseled, and outright ordered me to write a post for you about how to make goat milk cheese (chèvre). Rest assured, I will do so in very short order, but I have decided to disregard my beautiful wife’s good counsel for the time being in order to write a slightly different post.

Why do I dare to run the risk of causing distress for my wife or, more likely, for me? I dare because, when we here at Serendipity Farmhouse delve into the mysteries of butter, cheese, kefir, and other dairy products, we do it with gusto and with daring. Dairy is an exquisite challenge that should not and can not be taken lightly.

So, rather than put the cart before the horse, or more rightly the cheese before the goat, we want you to know the source of the primary ingredient in the soon to be world renowned SFH Chèvre. The only way we can take you to the source of our goat milk is by introducing you to a beautiful “reality” – and that reality is Reality Farm in Washington, Virginia. For now, we will just use a few pictures to introduce you to Reality. When the time is right, we will give you a full tour.

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If you would like to learn a little more about reality farm, check out Reality Farm.

5 thoughts on “Goat milk cheese? – No, not just yet.”

  1. To my recollection (just being a little selfish here) I don’t recall ever being offered any Chevre….hmmmm. Nevertheless it was a treat to see the source, and the goats are wonderful.

    1. Hmmmm. We don’t remember ever refusing any request from you. Give us a heads up and then come on over. In fact, you can even help making the next batch.

      1. I suspect that my visits always happened between batches. Since apparently the chèvre doesn’t last more than two or three days at SFH, I just never made it to the test kitchen before you two had finished the last delectable bite. Will have to work on the timing!! My mouth is watering!

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