SFH Journal: 2019-09-30 through 10-20 – “V” is for “Victory!”

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I’m sure you remember that picture of me in late September. (See SFH Journal: 2019-09-23 through 29.) The wood for the coming Winter had just arrived and dear Hubby made a plea for family to come and help move two cords of wood to the shed behind me.

Well, schedules are schedules and often they don’t coincide. Likewise, families have obligations and, as much as they want to help, they cannot leave their obligations and commitments behind.

Even sweet Hubby had a serious business commitment and had to travel to Idaho. He wouldn’t and couldn’t be around to move the wood. So, to make a long story short, I resolved that this pioneer wife, this homemaker and founder of Serendipity Farmhouse would do what many women have done in the past. Just like the days when dear Hubby had to deploy for months at a time, I would rise once more to the challenge and move the wood all by myself.

I saddled up the lawn tractor and hitched the work cart behind it. Slowly at a measured pace, I loaded the cart and moved the many loads of wood to the shed. Then marshaling uncommon strength and stamina I carried logs, two and three at a time, into the shed and stacked them as high as I could reach. It was a marvelously neat and tidy job and I feel justly proud.

Over several days, it all came together. It was a success. No, rather, it was a victory. And as you can see dear friends I signaled with a “V” for “Victory”!

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Well, I guess the SFH Chief of Security found me out and caught me red-handed. No, dear friends, it was dearest Hubby and I who did the job together and we enjoyed every minute of it. What better way to spend a cool, crisp Autumn day?

Growing/Preserving Season Coming to an End

Almost Frost

There it is. Almost the first frost. When we heard the warning, we quickly harvested anything that looked even remotely ready. There were so many jalapeno peppers that today (Sunday) we had to pickle five jars of the spicy little rascals.

We still have arugula and romaine coming in. Even the little cherry tomato bush is still trying. We look forward to the coming winter days, enjoying the fruits of our harvest while sitting near the warmth of the wood stove.

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