SFH Journal: 2019-08-12 through 25

Hi! Mr. Monte here.

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Mr. Monte

“The end is not in sight.”

“There is no light at the end of the tunnel.”

“- That’s because the tunnel has no end.”

Folks, I think Old Fuzz Face has finally lost it. He just walks around muttering to himself like a living page from Eeyore’s Little Book of Gloom. He’s talked himself into a state of total uselessness. He just doesn’t know how to leave the past behind and let the future take care of itself. All he can think about is how badly things might turn out.

Along with Blondie, he fretted and fretted about the Great High Tea. He’s worried about too much sun, too little rain and just about anything that might be too “too”. He took a wonderful two-day RV trip with Blondie and me (yes! there will be a post). We made great food and I was on my best behavior (sort of). All he can talk about is the problems caused by having to replace the RV battery.

Even on the fantastic day when Granddaughter #1 is visiting, all he can think about is buying and stacking the three cords of firewood for heating; getting the wood stove chimney cleaned; and getting the tree service out here to take down the dead sycamore tree that is threatening to fall on the RV and Blondie’s car.

– – Fuzz Face, give it up – – enjoy life – – get yourself together so I don’t have to write blog posts for you.

There’s lots to be happy about. Just take a look at what we preserved this week:

Sometimes I wish Maine Coon cats could wear big, heavy boots. I’m sure Old Fuzz Face would get a kick out of that. Just sayin’ …

Here are all the statistics for the last two weeks that I had to collect, collate, and record on my own.

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3 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2019-08-12 through 25”

  1. Mr. Monte, you’re being too harsh. Try stepping into Fuzz Face’s or Blondie’s boots just once. After all, you have it made. You sit there on your throne, direct traffic, receive your tribute and generally enjoy life. I say, be kind. They do love you so, even though they take you to the vet now and then. Why, El Camino del Monte was bought just for YOU!! I say again, be kind.
    I’m sorry if I’m grouchy this morning. There are now TWO dogs in my house and little dog doesn’t like big dog and big dog is a puppy who only wants to play. I’m constantly on edge waiting for someone to get bitten (namely me because they always are around me when they start to argue!)! Well, enough for now. I may take you to task again, so watch your words in the future.

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