SFH Journal: 2019-06-15 through 30

Highlight 1: The longest days of the year are now passing into Serendipity Farmhouse history. Though not the “White Nights” that one would experience in St. Petersburg, Russia, for us here at SFH, the long days always mean more time in the gardens, doing yard work, and RV adventures.

All that hard work in the garden is paying great dividends. Below you will see my beautiful and industrious spouse with her tomato garden. The three large plants, now standing taller than our gifted gardener, represent a collection of three store bought plants – two heirlooms and one hybrid. All three are blooming and bearing young tomatoes. The four smaller plants were grown from seed we gathered from our first Mr. Stripey plant several seasons ago.

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Of course, all the outdoor work means there is less time to write posts and do the indoor chores. Having fallen hopelessly behind on recording all that has happened over the last half month, all I can do is recall for you some of the events in somewhat abbreviated posts. So, here are just a few of the topics I plan to cover in the future as time permits:

El Camino Del Monte: On the Road Again – Our first RV trip of the year

A Stay in a Yurt – The story of a traveling couple enjoying their twilight years (No, this will not about us.)

El Camino Del Monte: Scouting Out New Destinations (The featured image of my beautiful spouse will be part of this upcoming post)

SFH 2019 Harvest – A Promising Year

Georgie Goes Rogue – Blondie Goes to War

Highlight 2: Dear and gentle reader, the SFH Blog is for you. We hope that, in some little way, we can entertain, amuse, or inform you with tales from Serendipity Farmhouse. The blog is also for the ones who will someday occupy SFH and assume stewardship of this humble abode situated on the bank of the North Fork of the Thornton River.

We include details about plantings, harvests, and weather so that, when the new occupants move in, they will not be baffled, confused, or puzzled by how things work or be concerned about what maintenance needs to be done or when to do it.

To some, these details may be tedious, repetitive, or even boring. So starting with this post, those details will be recorded on their own separate pages. In each SFH Journal post I will include links to the records and statistics pages. For those of you who are so inclined, all you will have to do is click on the given link. For those of you who are not so inclined – – – – – – Mr. Monte will find you! I can only speculate on your life expectancy when he does.

So here is what the new format will look like.

SFH by the Numbers – Facts & Statistics

SFH Plantings: See SFH 2019 Plantings

SFH Harvest: See SFH 2019 Harvest

SFH WX Station Report: See SFH Weather Summaries & Statistics


3 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2019-06-15 through 30”

  1. Husband Gene said “we” should have a garden. We equals me, myself. I am sure his offering would be paying for seeds and other necessaries. That’s no small contribution, right.? I respectfully declined due to advanced age.

    1. Container gardening on your deck might be a worthwhile consideration. My sister usually has a pot of cherry tomatoes by the door. Herbs, such as basil and parsley, don’t require too much labor. Let your husband try it out, and if he finds it can be done easily, then you can assist.

      1. Thanks. Coming from you (all) or ya’ll, it sounds more appealing.

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