SFH Journal: 2019-01-25 Garlic!

Highlight: In early November last year, beautiful wife decided that Serendipity Farmhouse will become “garlic self sufficient”.  (See SFH Journal: 2018-11-04 through 07 for details.) Oh, she didn’t say it in exactly those words, but I could see it in her determination as she was planting. Her “garlic independence” was set to begin from the moment she had planted the several garlic cloves we had remaining from our local community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm.  Enterprising wife was ready to be the “captain of her fate” – at least so far as garlic goes.

It remains to be seen whether her quest for self sufficiency will be rewarded with an abundance of that most delightful of nature’s garden herbs and spices. But, on this day, January 25th, 2019, at least three sprouts of garlic, enthusiastic about life and sunshine, have shown they are waiting to make dear wife’s dream come to fruition this coming Spring. – – – There is great hope that the soon to be famous SFH Test Kitchen will be filled with the joyfully delicious aroma of garlic tops, and cloves of fresh garlic will follow in early Summer!

SFH WX Station: The day has finally come! The SFH WX Station near real-time weather SFH WX Stationreadings feature is now installed on the blog. The feature shows up as a widget on the far right hand column of the home page. It will look like the picture to the right of this paragraph.

Starting with our next SFH Journal post, we will discontinue the daily weather summary. Now we will provide an end of month summary. We will also provide a summary for any week that has been unusual or extreme.

2019-01-25 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 41.5 °F 21 °F 31.2 °F
Dew Point 23.9 °F 5.7 °F 18.1 °F
Humidity 88% 27% 58%
Precipitation 0 in



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