SFH Journal: 2019-01-13 & 14 – Winter Storm Gia – Farewell

Highlight: Winter Storm Gia has moved out of the area and the melting snow is the last reminder of its visit. The only problem now is the long trek to the woodshed to fetch a cartload of firewood to keep the wood stove fueled.

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Meanwhile, that self-centered, 20-pound fuzzball Mr. Monte alternates between demanding a warm fire so he can be his lazy winter self and begging to go out onto the porch so that he can imagine that he is some sort of ice age Smilodon Fatalis.

How Mr. Monte sees himself as S. fatalis restored with spotted coat

Lately, my dear wife has been grumbling about my fixation on the new SFH WX station. Heck if I know why. Maybe she’s getting cabin fever. It couldn’t be anything I’ve done.

SFH WX Station Report: Winter Storm Gia continued to drop snow on SFH throughout the 13th. Using our highly advanced technical equipment we measured just over six inches of snow on the first day and just a little less than two inches on the second day of the storm.

2019-01-13 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 31.5 °F 27.5 °F 29.4 °F
Dew Point 28.4 °F 24.8 °F 26.7 °F
Humidity 96% 83% 92%
Precipitation 0 in

2019-01-14 Full details here.

Summary High Low Average
Temperature 37 °F 16.3 °F 26.6 °F
Dew Point 28 °F 14.7 °F 23.6 °F
Humidity 95% 54% 81%
Precipitation 0.12 in

4 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2019-01-13 & 14 – Winter Storm Gia – Farewell”

  1. Mr. Monte is much more handsome than S. Fatalis. Please tell him I said so. The last time I visited, I believe he caught a whiff of other animals and he wouldn’t give me the time of day. Hurt feelings don’t begin to express the way I felt, although I tried hard to overlook his contempt. I will make sure I wear new clothes the next time I’m at Serendipity Farmhouse – or maybe washed 3 or 4 times anyway – and perhaps bring him a present.
    That cat has way too much power.

  2. However, lovely pictures. You live in such a beautiful place – compensation for the trek to the woodshed??

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