SFH Journal: 2019-01-01 through 03 – SFH Weather Station Online

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Highlight: It was and remains a not-so-simple New Year’s Resolution – Get Serendipity Farmhouse Weather Station up and running. Here are the not-so-simple steps and progress so far:

0103190934 (2)2019-01-01 – Eat black eyed peas and collard greens while simultaneously planning to overcome all physical and technological problems. The mind works well when it is fueled by this great Southern traditional meal.

2019-01-02 – Erect six-foot iron pipe mounting pole along fence line, in the open and away from obstructions. Prepare beautiful wife for the potential for technical failures during the next day’s work. Also prepare her for the unusually spicy language that is often uttered when yours truly encounters technical failures.

2019-01-03 – Assemble Weather WiFi OSPREY station; mount and activate device; activate monitor panel; enable WiFi connection; activate Weather Underground account for Serendipity Farmhouse Station. —- As expected, it was an eight hour job; many technical problems were encountered; workarounds and solutions were developed; and, as you can see, Serendipity Farmhouse Station is now active on Weather Underground. Beautiful spouse maintained her faith in me and prayed for me; and I, rather uncharacteristically, did not utter any unusually spicy language.

There is more to come, but let’s save that for another day.

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