SFH Journal: 2018-12-15 through 25 – BAD CAT – GOOD CAT

Highlight: Since his arrival, Mr. Monte has done his best to ensure that Serendipity Farmhouse would be able to enjoy “domestic tranquility” only according to his terms. As you leaned in the recent post Dear Little House, an indoor Christmas tree was not allowed in the house for four years until Mr. Monte permitted it to be so.

We were so emboldened when he sanctioned the presence of a tree that we then thought we could once again hang Christmas stockings on the stairway banister as we had done before. No more would we have to hang them high on a door frame where none of us, or even Santa, could reach them without climbing a footstool – – How did that work out for us?

We knew we were tempting all the destructive forces in nature when we began our experiment. We recognized the terrible risk we were taking. And, not being totally without common sense, we determined that the risk would be taken with Mr. Monte’s Christmas stocking. We mocked the prospect of the inevitable and even declared in our hanging of the stocking that Mr. Monte was a “GOOD CAT”. The series of pictures below, however, show how very wrong we were. In the end the stocking told the story in two simple words – “BAD CAT”

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We went to bed that evening with failure clearly etched into our minds. But, in the silence of the night, Mr. Monte came and whispered words of “common cat sense” into my ear. He told me I had it all wrong; there was a better way; he had merely illustrated his point when he ripped the stocking off the banister.

My wife and I take “common cat sense” dreams seriously. The very next day, we stopped in a local store and made a “common cat sense” purchase. And now our bathroom door is adorned with a most pleasing sight located at just the perfect height. See for yourself. Won’t you agree, Mr. Monte now deserves once more to be – the SFH “GOOD CAT”.


Weather:  (For details of Sperryville, VA weather in November 2018 – click here.)

2018-12-15: High/Low – 46º/37º

2018-12-16: High/Low – 45º/39º

2018-12-17: High/Low – 55º/36º

2018-12-18: High/Low – 45º/27º

2018-12-19: High/Low – 46º/23º

2018-12-20: High/Low – 37º/27º

2018-12-21: High/Low – 63º/37º

2018-12-22: High/Low – 46º/34º

2018-12-23: High/Low – 45º/28º

2018-12-24: High/Low – 43º/34º

2018-12-25: High/Low – 37º/25º

Plantings: Reporting suspended until the first planting of 2019.

Harvest: Reporting suspended until the first harvest of 2019.

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