SFH Journal: 2018-08-11 through 14

Highlight: Complaints about weather and failing crops are depressing. Expressions of dissatisfaction with temperatures and humidity improve nothing and irritate everyone. When I got this way as a teenager, my Dad shut me down with the simple command, “Quit your bellyaching!”

There was no doubt in my mind, when that expression was used, that I had just been called a “wimp”. It was true then and it remains true now. That was his not so gentle way of saying grow up, be a man. It may have been painful to hear, but it was true.

This morning, I was up very early, before the sun, and watched a beautiful sunrise. It dawned on me (forgive the pun) that although Dad taught me that “bellyaching” was unmanly, he never ever said that a man can’t praise and be thankful for a beautiful day. And, as I recall the many hours I spent with him on our back porch, he would always have a smile on his face at the beginning and end of one of God’s beautiful days.

Weather: Rain every day, the yard is soaked and, of course, the vegetable garden is suffering. In case I didn’t say it before, we had to rip out three tomato bushes. That leaves the cherry tomato bush and a relatively young bush. The little plant shows no desire to have blossoms or fruit. Tomatoes for salsa and pasta sauce will have to be procured elsewhere this season. No, that’s not “bellyaching” – its  just a statement of  the simple facts.

2018-08-11: High – 87º, precipitation 0.18 (Detailed Summary – click here.)

2018-08-12: High – 80º, precipitation 0.18 (Detailed Summary – click here.)

2018-08-13: High – 78º, precipitation 0.21 (Detailed Summary – click here.)

2018-08-14: High – 82º, precipitation 0.1 (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report


2018-08-11: 10 Nothing to report

2018-08-12: 6 cherry tomatoes, 5 okra pods, 3 jalapenos

2018-08-13: Nothing to report

2018-08-14: 7 cherry tomatoes

2 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2018-08-11 through 14”

  1. It really hurts when you put so much work, sweat ,and money into a project that  you and Char just love. Like they say in football 🏈 (Browns) there is always next year!That porch was always nice, such sweet memory’s my kids loved to eat grandpas cookies. Just a few more days and we’re off to Rome, very excited.Love you guys Caroline

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    1. Next year there will be some modifications in our planting selections. The porch, the evenings, baseball games on the radio, and the Grand Ole Opry. Enjoy Rome, watch Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn before you go. God bless! Serendipity

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