El Camino Del Monte – One Messy Job


I speak English. I have a relatively large vocabulary. I am well aware that words mean something. I also know that, when we don’t agree on the meaning of words, there will be problems. – So it was on our third and final day of the shakedown cruise.

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If you recall, we had a bit of a problem with our water hookup. (See El Camino Del Monte – Water Works? or Waterworks?.) You may also recall that I have had a sad history with water outside of its natural places. So, it may not come as a surprise that I might have some problems when it comes to getting rid of all that water that went into the RV for cooking, showers, washing dishes and, yes, flushing toilets.
If you have the time read the information posted in RV Gray Water and Black Water FAQs. The article clearly says, “Gray water is all of the wastewater that drains from your shower and kitchen and bathroom sinks.” The word sewage usually means “waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers.”
With these word meanings fairly fixed inside my little gray cells, I read the sign that you see in the featured picture. I think you could say that I was not too far afield in thinking that “Wastewater Holding Tank” meant “Gray Water” and “Sewage Holding Tank” was the “Black Water”. Thus, the Gray Water valve should be on the left and the Black Water valve should be on the right.
Knowing the difference between Gray and Black water is very, very important in RVing. Why? Well, to save yourself a messy and distasteful cleanup job, the recommended procedure is to dump Black Water First and then dump Gray Water. In this way the cleaner Gray Water will help to clear the sewer tube of the residual excrement. So, armed with knowledge gleaned from the sign (Gray – left, Black – right). I opened the valve on the right.
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Instantly, there was a rush of water. A great volume of water flowed out through the sewer tube. It flowed quickly. Neither supportive and wonderful wife nor I had anticipated that much water would come out. We must have really been flushing a lot. Either that or Mr. Monte had found the flushing lever and sat on it for a while.
Next, to wash out the sludge in the sewer tube, I pulled the valve on the left expecting an even greater torrent of water.
Beautiful, adorable, perceptive wife immediately pointed out to me that the flow was slow, thick, and yucky looking. “Honey, was that the right valve?” I answered with the full assurance of my great wealth of knowledge, “Of course it is, dear, look at the sign. There’s no way I could have got this wrong!”
Dear and gentle readers, I will now make you privy to two RV privy secrets. First, reluctantly I must tell you I was wrong, very wrong, 100% wrong. Please don’t share that with my trusting Spouse. She would lose all confidence in me if she were to find out. Second, seasoned RVers will tell you this simple fact. The Black Water valve is color coded BLACK and the Gray Water valve is color coded GRAY. A close look at the picture above and you can see what I so clearly missed.
Lesson Learned: Words mean something, and you better be sure you know what they mean.
Lesson Learned: Knowing the difference between the Black Water and Gray Water valves is very important. Tomorrow morning, I will have to perform a messy and distasteful cleanup job.

2 thoughts on “El Camino Del Monte – One Messy Job”

  1. In the picture I see a gray valve and a silver valve. Am I missing the black valve?

    Also…..groooooossssss! Many trees must have been hugged on that trip!

  2. Yuck! Agree with SG – silver valve and gray valve, but I assume it appears black in person. Sorry that you had to learn a lesson in a most icky way.

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