SFH Journal: 2018-07-20

Highlight 1: Yesterday and today, the Resurrection Lilies commenced their annual grand parade of color and elegance across our yard. In the Spring, they were just leaves, green bunches of ho-hum green clumps. As Summer arrived, the leaves died away and there remained nothing to mark the tombs of these strange plants. Then, with glorious hope, they reemerged from their seeming death and in resurrected, glorified beauty they now teach the lesson of life immortal.

Highlight 2: Just when you think there is too much motion and disturbing commotion, a brief period of calm descends upon you. Today, Mr. Monte made another visit to our RV (actually his new bug-out-buggy) and joined us for our first supper in El Camino Del Monte. Although not quite a lavish affair, the meal had its own undeniable joys. Yes, dear, sweet, beautiful, wonderful wife pulled out all the stops and fried up some okra, freshly picked from our vegetable garden.

So, there we were. Mr. Monte exploring curiously and lounging in the RV sink while wife and I sipped adult beverages and feasted on tomato sandwiches and the world’s very best fried okra. There is no end to the joy one can have if only they open their eyes to the blessings around them.

Weather: This is absolutely terrible. How can this happen to me. Here I am, someone who has to have something to complain about and, for these last several days, the weather has been perfect. But, I know it’s coming. I know this is just a giant ruse. When I least expect it, the weather will dump on me and be oppressive, miserable, and intolerable – but, it didn’t happen today.  2018-07-20: High – 82º (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report

Harvest: Wonderful wife picked nine jalapeno peppers and three okra pods.

0720181037a (2)Curiosity: This was found in our garden today, hidden among the hostas. I have no idea what it is. Is there anyone out there willing to venture a guess?

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