SFH Journal: 2018-06-14

Highlight: Mr. Stripey was a victim of the heavy rains and is no longer with us. He suffered from tomato leaf curl caused by over watering. Although it can sometimes be reversed, Mr. Stripey had stopped growing, has not produced any blossoms, and his lower leaves were turning brown. A ceremony was held in his honor and we reverently laid him to rest.

Afterwards, we went to Waterpenny Farm, our local community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, and Rachel advised us that Virginia Sweets (an heirloom tomato) would be the best replacement for Mr. Stripey. It just so happened that she had some. Now the Serendipity Farmhouse vegetable garden has two young Virginia Sweets plants.

Weather: (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Mr. Stripey – Rest in Peace.

Harvest: Nothing to report.

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