SFH Journal: 2018-06-07

Highlight: We attended the Mass and burial of our friend today. It was a time for some sadness and for some fond remembrances. We will remember this day as we remember our friend, with a strong feeling of God’s peace.

Afterwards, preparations for the Third Annual Serendipity Farmhouse Tea Party revved into high gear. My beautiful wife made lavender tea bread while I was mowing and manicuring the yard. (Of course, yours truly and my faithful lawn tractor got stuck in the muck left behind by the rains.) Later, lovely spouse and I joined forces to make “Mom’s Pimento Cheese”. (See SFH Food 2018-01: My Mom & Pimento Cheese.)

While making a round of the yard on my faithful lawn tractor, I saw adorable wife gesticulating and making wild gestures to get my attention. I pulled the tractor to a screeching halt, jumped off, and ran to her aid. That is when she showed me these two huge winged insects with large and fearsome mandibles. The larger one (male) was nearly six inches long. (Please note: Beautiful spouse asserts that I may have ever so slightly embellished the truth in the reporting of this event.)


We took pictures (very, very carefully) at a safe distance and rushed inside to determine the nature of the alien beasts that had invaded our yard. Fortunately, we discovered that these enormous flying escapees from a Godzilla movie were called Dobsonflies. According to Wikipedia: “Dobsonflies are a subfamily of insects, Corydalinae, part of the Megalopteran family Corydalidae.” (Learn more about this worthwhile predator of bugs and flies along rivers like ours: click here.)

Weather:  It was a very pleasant day.  (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report.

Harvest: Nothing to report.

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