SFH Journal: 2018-05-25

Highlight: A day or so ago, dear, sweet spouse called her long time friend (over 32 years) claiming she was ailing and in need of the therapeutic benefits of homemade chicken soup. I overheard the whole sad story when they were talking on the phone – it surely brought tears to my eyes.

Cherished and loving long-time friend immediately responded by solemnly promising that the “required medicinal chicken soup” would be prepared with great haste. Today, yours truly, the highly paid chauffeur of Serendipity Farmhouse, took dear, sweet spouse to the home of said cherished and loving long-time friend. Hugs and a large container of the remarkably healing chicken soup were exchanged.

Observation: Friendship between two long-time friends has it rituals, rewards, and heartwarming moments.

Weather:  The weather allowed for shrub trimming and mowing. It seems like a thousand maple seeds took root in our raised garden beds. Fortunately, they are easier to remove than the black walnuts that Super Squirrel planted in the gardens. (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report.

Harvest: Nothing to report.

3 thoughts on “SFH Journal: 2018-05-25”

  1. I hope it had the desired healing effect, although I began to be suspicious when she vowed she would be ill for the next two weeks unless she had some soup. Hmmm. Why did you not mention the thistle sock? Was it “disappeared”? 🤨 I surely hope not!! Consider the finches, chickadees, titmice and other little birdies who will appreciate those tasty morsels, and how much fun it will be to watch them hang upside down and every which way from the sock in order to extract those delightful nubbins. Would you provide a report?

    1. The soup was merely an elixir of renewed health, the hugs were the added ingredient that brought about a complete cure. Well, at least until my beautiful spouse has another craving for your fine chicken soup. – – – The thistle sock is an entirely different matter. There are already birds tapping at our window saying, “Hang it up, hang it in the tree – now!” They are rather insistent and I am rather lazy. I respond to them, “All good things come with time.” They are not amused. In answer to your question, of course, there will be a report. – – – Mr. Monte has offered to provide on-the-ground reports from directly under the thistle sock. – Serendipity

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