SFH Journal: 2018-05-24

Highlight: So much time was spent on chores and yard work, there was no time to take pictures and record highlights for you. However, almost exactly one year ago, we did have an interesting event that’s worth revisiting.

The featured picture shows a female, turtle.

Question: How did I know it was a female?

Answer: This picture caught her in the midst of laying eggs and covering them up. That’s a relatively good indication the turtle was a she.

We were fairly confident she was a snapping turtle. Unfortunately, neither my adorable spouse nor Mr. Monte took my suggestion to offer the laboring lady turtle a morsel of food on their bare finger or paw. It’s really hard to verify a theory when the helping hands are so timid.

After our turtle friend departed, we watched the area very closely for about three months (incubation takes 55 – 95 days depending on geographic location), but we were never able to determine if the eggs hatched and the little snappers made it to safety in the river. Right now we are on the lookout for our turtle friend or one of her young ones to return. It’s not likely to happen, but Mr. Monte is standing sentinel duty in the kitchen window. His dedication to duty is inspiring.

Weather: Finally catching  up with mowing and trimming. I tried to get most of it done early in the day. (Detailed Summary – click here.)

Plantings: Nothing to report.

Harvest: We harvested one asparagus spear. The season is hanging on.

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