Mr. Monte – Health Inspector

Health_Inspection-01An indispensable member of the soon to be famous Serendipity Farmhouse Test Kitchen is none other than Mr. Monte. Since he has joined our team here at SFH, there have been absolutely no untoward incidents relating to insects, rodents, or any creature with wings or feet. His untiring vigilance in pursuit of kitchen pests is unequaled. That is why he wears his title of official SFH Test Kitchen Health Inspector with such pride and distinction.


This picture shows Mr. Monte conducting a Health_Inspection-02thorough inspection immediately prior to a test of a goat milk cheese (Chèvre) recipe. Note how he leaves no nook or cranny unchecked. Not only does he look for kitchen pests, he also seeks out stray bits of food that might contaminate test recipe ingredients. In this task, he is relentless and he is never satisfied until there is absolute certitude that all scraps and morsels have been found and removed.

We here at the SFH Test Kitchen only have praise for Mr. Monte and the great work he does. We have, however, encountered one minor problem as a result of his unconventional inspection methods. While Mr. Monte leaves no critters or morsels behind, there is a slight problem with hair. That is why my beautiful spouse and I perform a complete scrub of all food preparation surfaces after he departs the Test Kitchen.

Our motto: SFH Test Kitchen – always in pursuit of perfection.


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