SFH Lessons Learned 2018-01: Coffee & Ribbons

We made it through Winter Storm Riley and we were prepared – but not completely. We Learned three big lessons from that storm. Needless to say, lessons learned are not really learned if one does not act upon them. So, let’s consider what we learned here at Serendipity Farmhouse and how we have acted upon what we learned: (See SFH PPP 2018-01: Living the Life of Riley for the whole story.)

What we learned:

Lesson Learned No. 1: Add a jar of instant coffee to our emergency supplies. We have a percolator coffee pot and a can of Bustelo, but instant coffee require less water.

Lesson Learned No. 2: Filling in my journal of events I, of course, longed for my laptop. Yet, upstairs we have this beautiful old Hermes manual typewriter. If I only had a ribbon for it, I would have greatly enjoyed typing out our experiences.

Lesson Learned No. 3: While hooking up extension cords, never make a mess on the kitchen counters. Wife is OCD and gets very upset.

What we’ve done:

LL-01AThis picture shows that we now have a supply of instant coffee. Power outage be hanged. The wood stove, the propane grill, and the brick barbecue are all there ready to heat the water.

The picture also shows that even when the batteries in the laptop and tablet die, posts for the SFH Blog will be composed, typed, edited, and ready for our readers when the lights come back on. (Notice the ribbon on the left is very hi-tech – it is both black and red.)

What we have yet to do:

As far as Lesson Learned No. 3 goes, this is a behavioral issue on my part. I am sadly and notoriously slow when it comes to mending my ways. Somewhere in my nature there is a neat and tidy person. But, when it comes to fast repairs in the house and reacting to perceived emergencies, I lose touch with that person.

I surely hope that I am not confronted with a Lesson Learned No. 3 type issue in the near future – at least not before I develop the required behavioral “skills”. Perhaps if I offer my beautiful spouse a freshly brewed cup of instant coffee and type out a love poem on my Hermes typewriter, she will extend her mercy.


3 thoughts on “SFH Lessons Learned 2018-01: Coffee & Ribbons”

  1. Good work! Keep pencil and pad on hand for notes (the old-fashioned way or the most old fashioned way.) Can a propane grill be used indoors for heating water? Bayou Classic Patio Stove single burner is our “go-to” for cooking during power outages but the manual says use outdoors and the windy weather was not allowing us to be outdoors.

    1. First, always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions. We will have to research alternative methods. Because we have a generator, we can always use a hot plate or electric pot once the generator is up and running.

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