Future Serendipitous Farmhouse Food Posts

Winter storms, moving dirt, preparing for planting, there’s just too much going on here at SFH. When do we get to eat?

Sometime soon we will have a post on our Incredible Idaho Fries. Six years in Idaho taught us a thing or two about spuds.

2012-09-29_10-21-26_109 (2)
Idaho Falls September 2012 – Idaho spuds as fresh as they come

Later on, we will talk about kefir – a delicious, and healthful drink made from milk. We will describe the differences between kefir made with raw cow milk and raw goat milk. Both are good, but they are different. However, don’t expect the post to tell you the proper pronunciation of “kefir”. I’m not sure anyone really knows. And, I for one have learned not to care.

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