Mr. Monte #1 – Two Big Cats

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae – Del Monte (formerly Bumblebee)


Father: Coonopry’s Rocky Top of Makanacoon

Mother: Champion Makanacoon’s Malala

Registration: The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc.

Primary Traits: Royal by birth, distinguished by breed, lovable by nature

The two big cats who live to serve me while I deign to reside in the Serendipity Farmhouse are rather odd and mysterious creatures. Visibly, they are strange and unusual. One only has fur on top of her head. While, the other has barely any fur on his head, but a great deal of fur on his face.

In their actions, they continuously prove to be troublesome. They interrupt my royal naps. They often don’t respond when I beckon for them to wait on me at 2 or 3 AM. They actually think that night is for sleeping rather than prowling or hunting.

There is no apparent explanation for their inappropriate actions. I have attempted to adapt to their tedious routines, but frankly it should be they who amend their life styles to conform to my wants and needs.

Monte-07Nevertheless, they have their good traits and I suppose there are other big cats who are even less agreeable – though that seems difficult to imagine. They do have their redeeming graces. For example, the one whom I call “Mom”, is unusually good at preparing tasty meals – she brings happiness to my stomach and a softening to my heart.

Old Fuzz Face, the one I call “Dad” is the only one I trust with my grooming. He is quite handy with comb and brush and always adds a snack. Occasionally, he pulls a hair or two the wrong way. He’s learned to expect my growls, hisses, and occasional toothy response. When it comes to trimming nails, he’s the only one I allow near me.

I love my two big cats. They try their best to care for me and in return it is my job to protect them and to teach them how to be better cats.



3 thoughts on “Mr. Monte #1 – Two Big Cats”

  1. Is Monte going to confess to the blogasphere about his CATastrophe with the screen door? Or after absolution, does he consider himself guilty-no-more?

  2. So far, he’s shown no remorse. Nevertheless, you have raised a very difficult philosophical and theological question. What do we know of CAT conscience and culpability? Is Mr. Monte capable of incurring guilt? I assure you the two big cats have very definite views on this point. We do know that Mr. Monte sees the entire blogasphere as being beneath his dignity, but he is more than willing to have his pictures published for the benefit of all.

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