Dedication to Our Patrons – St. Scholastica & St. Benedict.

My beautiful wife and I chose this day as the launch date for Serendipity Farmhouse blog for a very specific reason. No, it’s not because this is the anniversary of our arrival at Serendipity Farmhouse. No, it’s not because some important event happened here on February 10th.

The reason is because our marriage and love for each other has endured and grown over four and half decades because of the grace of God. He has led us and guided us through the years and He has given us aid and sustenance all along the way. One very important gift was the grace to become Oblates of St. Benedict and to live in that calling.

St. Scholastica

Today is the feast of St. Scholastica, the sister of St. Benedict and our dear patroness. So, today and every day we dedicate the Serendipity Farmhouse blog to her and her brother St. Benedict.

As we relate our stories about life here at Serendipity, we will also tell you about the Benedictine life of prayer and hospitality and , most of all, Prayer and Work (Ora et Labora).

To learn more about the Oblates of St. Benedict, please visit:

Conception Abbey – About Oblates

Through the years, we have met a number of wonderful and inspiring Benedictine religious nuns and monks. Please visit the following sites to learn about their lives of dedication to Christ, to His Church, and to St. Benedict:

Queen of Peace Benedictines

Monastery of the Ascension

The previous two owners of this farmhouse made wonderful and enduring restorations and improvements. We can only build on what they started. Our deepest appreciation and thanks go out to Lisa & Josh.

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