My Feline Fame & Fortune

My feline fame and fortune are not my most cherished gifts. Granted, my great achievements are acknowledged and praised throughout the world, and I am justly proud. There are more important things to me than the glories of my great celebrity.

Yes! It’s My Birthday!

Hi! Mr. Monte here!

Today is my 9th birthday! That means I will take a well-deserved day of rest. I will use this day to ponder the meaning and value of my life.

You, my 23,417 faithful feline followers, well know that a cat’s life is filled with competing concerns. It’s very difficult to balance our instinctual needs for food, play, and sleep. And, of course, our humans forever complicate our lives.

Pondering Feline Fame & Fortune

We felines possess an independent spirit. We do not walk about our domains submissively as dogs do, with tails wagging and tongues hanging from their mouths. That, my dear feline friends, is why we rank so highly in the animal kingdom.

Yet, our humans see us as desirable pets. And we allow ourselves to abide with them. We willingly, if not reluctantly, subordinate ourselves in small ways to their way of life. Over the years, I’ve often wondered why that is.

The Breed Maine Coon

I am of the breed known as Maine Coon. Our origin is told in legend, and tall tales. Nevertheless, we are here, and we have developed unusual traits, both physically and emotionally. And one of our traits is quite contradictory. On one hand we are as independent natured as any other feline. On the other hand, we are not suited to being alone for any length of time.

Here’s an example of my conflicted nature. When Blondie and Ol’ Fuzz Face are at home, I want to be alone. I will paw at the door until they let me out on the porch. But, if they get ready to go shopping, I will sit on top of their slippers. I won’t play nor will I eat. I will just stay right there on those slippers until they until they return.

No Need for Fame & Fortune

Yes, I am a famous cat. I receive praise from all corners of the world. But today, as I celebrate my birthday, I do not celebrate my fame and fortune. Instead, I will take the day off from my many duties. I think Blondie and Fuzzy are in need of some companionship. Come to think of it, so am I.

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  1. I hope you had a nice birthday, Monte, and that your day off from all your many labors as chief of security proved restful.
    Now, get back to work.

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