Monte’s Feline Fantasy RV Trip

I used to hate RV trips and I deplored RV living. But that’s all changed. As a highly intelligent and manipulative Maine Coon cat, I’ve learned how to turn RV trips into great adventures. Of course, Ol’ Fuzz Face and Blondie might have to sacrifice some of their vacation pleasures. Yet, as everyone at Serendipity Farmhouse knows, if Mr. Monte ain’t happy, there ain’t nobody happy.

Getting there is half the fun.

So, with that thought in mind, I sent Fuzzy a Father’s Day email. It stated my plan for El Camino Del Monte’s next adventure.

Then, I conducted a thorough examination of Commonwealth of Virginia law. I found nothing specifying that a Maine Coon cat was required to have a license to pilot an RV. – Therefore, I advised Fuzzy that, “I’m doing the driving!”

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway. My RV driving was flawless. Even though my Class-C has six wheels, I found that we really only needed two for sharp curves. – Fuzzy and Blondie remained speechless for several hours.

Menu making – An RV living ‘must-do.’

RV living

I also advised Fuzzy that I would take care of menu planning. – I figured a pound of my favorite blue cheese would suffice! Of course, large quantities of Gruyère and Jarlsberg would be nice too.

Once they regained their composure, Fuzzy and Blondie made a gourmet dinner for me. They also threw together some odds and ends for themselves. Fuzzy grilled lamb chops. Blondie sauteed asparagus and prepared wild rice as sides. – This was my view of their meal from my overcab perch.

Settling in – Ship’s routine

After the exhilaration of the drive to Shenandoah River State Park, and a fine meal, I decided to let my two big cats get some rest the first night. I only woke them up three times.

When they prepared breakfast the next morning, they made sure I was provided sufficient quantities of melted butter and peanut butter fingers. – They had suitably met my minimum expectations regarding care and feeding, so I granted them time for liberty ashore.

RV Living

You might expect that this would be the perfect time for a feline to take a nap. But you see, I am no common feline. As the Serendipity Farmhouse Chief of Security, it was time for me to make my rounds. – You can be sure every square inch of my RV was inspected to ensure there were no security threats.

When the two aging romantics returned from their liberty time, they appeared somewhat refreshed. Fuzzy, as usual, bored me with excessive detail about the beauty and enchantment of the Shenandoah Valley.

RV living

Time for Jacques and Feline Pranks

That evening, we settled in to view our favorite cooking shows. As you can see, I positioned myself in the first row of the balcony. After all, what feline gourmand can resist watching Jacques turn common ingredients into a joyous feast. The feature attraction for the evening was Jacques Pepin: The Essential Pepin.

Ol’ Fuzz Face has a habit of falling asleep while watching videos. I’ve found that’s when he is most vulnerable to feline practical jokes. Recently, I’ve been working on developing a new Maine Coon superpower. It’s my Xray-brain-scan vision. Fuzzy happened to wake up just as I was scanning the 2 or 3 grey cells remaining in his cranium. – It’s quite likely that he’ll never fully recover from the fear and panic that arose in him when he saw my eyes.

RV Living

Is it really time to go?

I’m not quite sure why Fuzzy and Blondie insisted that I take a rest and let Fuzzy drive home. Driving to the park had been such fun.

Blondie had me jump into my carrier, But I jumped right back out. I’d had such a good time and so much good food on this trip.

Not ready to go

Eventually, they coaxed me back into my carrier. I settled in and crossed my paws. The return trip would be slow. For some reason, Fuzzy goes no faster than what the numbers on those white road signs say. – As for me, I was already thinking about when we would come back this way.

RV Living

Happy Camping! & Happy Cooking!

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