RVing with Cats – Not So Easy

If you’re thinking that RVing with cats is a great idea, let me relate to you a real-life example to illustrate that it’s not so easy as you might think. Your sweet, cuddly feline comes with eons of instinctual behaviors and just barely 9,500 years of semi-domestication. It doesn’t take much for an RV cat to lose its peaceful demeanor. For no apparent reason, it will suddenly revert to its African Wildcat instincts. This is especially true of a particular 24-pound Maine Coon with whom you should be well familiar – Mr. Monte.

Early Morning Chat with a Misguided Cat

Dawn finally arrived on the morning of April 17th. It had been a long night. Mr. Monte held wake-up calls for Blondie and me at 12:45AM and every hour thereafter. One of those wake-ups was particularly annoying. – Two cups of strong coffee would not be enough to keep us awake until noon.

Mr. Monte

Although nothing Mr. Monte ever does can be considered normal, the chat I had with him that morning convinced me I was dealing with a truly alien mind. It was like forcing the truth out of the lips of a deranged politician. – He actually believed what he was saying and he expected me to believe it too.

/// Reader Warning: Nothing after this point will make sense unless you read Monte’s Post – Attack of the Electric Coal Skink ///

Chat with a Cat – Extracts

Q – What made you think there was a coal skink in the RV?

A – We have seen coal skinks in this RV park and my superior feline instincts told me so.

Q – What made you think a coal skink was going to attack me?

A – I was certain he was heading towards you and my superior feline instincts told me so.

Q – Why did you need to jump on me from the upper bunk?

A – There was an urgent need based on my superior feline instincts.

Q – What made you think you had a coal skink tail between your jaws?

A – It was black, the right size, and my superior feline instincts told me so.

Q – What makes you think you broke off the skinks tail and he got away?

A – Skinks shed their tails when attacked and my superior feline instincts told me so.

Q – How did the weather station electric cord get severed?

A – It was in the way and had to go based on my superior feline instincts.

There Might Be Something to His Story

After some research, I’m having a tough time disputing Mr. Monte’s story. The only weakness in his account is his inability two produce any evidence that a coal skink was actually in the RV. However, when I checked out his statement that “Skinks shed their tails when attacked,” I found the article Lizard Tail Loss and Regeneration. That article lends credence to Monte’s assertion. But, there was still one problem with his explanation of events. So, I confronted him.

Q. If the coal skink’s tail was broken off, and it got away, where is his tail now?

A. Based on my superior feline instincts, that’s obvious. He took it with him.

RVing Lessons Learned

RVing with cats

It’s an axiom of RV living: Be prepared to make field repairs. That axiom takes on even greater importance if you are RVing with cats.

Under normal circumstances, you won’t encounter many severed electric wires on an RV trip. If you are RVing with cats, however, it can be a real problem.

Every RV should be equipped with a tool kit. If you don’t have the space for wire strippers, at least pack needle nose pliers that come with a wire cutter/wire stripper section.

Likewise, make sure you pack electricians tape and duct tape in your RV tool kit. There are a myriad of uses for repair tape. Caution: We recommend that you don’t give in to the temptation to use it on your cat.

RVing with cats
RVing with cats

Well, I made the needed repairs. The weather station is up and running again. Mr. Monte is back making his appointed rounds as our Chief of Security – we are under his protection. With regard to the wild tale/tail told by Mr. Monte:

That’s his story, and I’m stuck with it!

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  1. Mr. Monte is such a character! He looks so innocent but he is sooo naughty. But you can’t help but love him!

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