Call to Action!

It’s worse than I thought!

When Ol’ Fuzz Face posted his admission of gross failure here, I thought he was merely in a state of depression. Little did I realize the he had left this blog in state of complete ruin and that Serendipity Farmhouse was speeding along on the road to the intersection of Doom and Destruction.

In his post, he said: “…we have a grand total of 31 followers and 16 email subscribers.” – – Folks, it’s much worse than that. Upon a thorough review by yours truly, it appears that only about 22 of the claimed 47 followers have ever even looked at this blog since they first subscribed. The real followers are all family members and a few close friends, and many of them don’t read the posts when they get the notification.

Today, I was going to show you some of the new “bells and whistles” on this site, but a very urgent matter came to my attention. So, let’s take care of that. The good stuff will have to wait until my next post. Also, for you foodies out there, we will have a new Jacques Pépin post and recipe later this week. It will be Jacques’ Lamb Stew.

Your Call to Action

I’ll get straight to the point.

If you read the stories in this blog, subscribe to follow this blog.

If you have learned anything from this blog, subscribe to follow this blog.

If you’ve used any of the recipes in this blog, subscribe to follow this blog.

You will be happy that you did, and this blog will grow.

How to Subscribe

In five years of running this blog, Fuzzy never considered the fact that many, if not most, of the people who read this blog are using mobile phones – not desktop computers. He wasn’t aware that it was virtually impossible to subscribe on a mobile phone. – I’m here to fix that!

Following are simple procedures to subscribe/follow, no matter what type of device you’re using to read the fantastic content in this blog.

Desktop or Laptop

This is the easiest subscription procedure. Simply go to the far right hand column and go down until you see the FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL banner. Once you’ve found it, follow the directions.


Subscribing on a tablet is a bit more tricky. On the homepage, look for the main menu area and click on the very first menu item on the left. Almost magically, a FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL page will appear. Follow the directions, and you will become a valued subscriber. (Please view all three images.)

Mobile Phone

Subscribing on a mobile phone is similar to the procedure for a tablet.. On the homepage, look for the main menu button, just below the Serendipity Farmhouse banner. Click on the menu button and then click on the Follow SFH Blog button. Once again, magic happens and you will land on a FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL page. Follow the directions, and you will become one with the best farmhouse community ever. (Please view all three images.)


This blog is meant to entertain and instruct family and friends. Although the Serendipity Farmhouse family is a limited number, we believe that anyone who appreciates farmhouse living can benefit by becoming one our friends.

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