SFH TK Grand Reopening – Almost

It took a while. Factually, it took over eight years of planning, saving, and waiting for the soon-to-be-world-famous Serendipity Farmhouse Test Kitchen renovation to be complete. And finally, we are just about there. The unofficial reopening for the SFH TK was on Monday when the final piece of decor, a red utensil cannister arrived. Now, all that remains is a blessing of the kitchen by our pastor. From that point forward, the SFH TK will once again be ready to welcome children, grandchildren, and friends for adventures in the culinary arts and the world of fine cuisine.

At my urging (notice the rolling pin in my hands), Hubby has prepared a few pictures of the newly renovated SFH TK. Also, at my urging (once again, note the rolling pin), Hubby is working on a series of posts to provide a detailed description of the renovation process. I’ve assigned Mr. Monte to oversee that process. He was last seen at his scratching post sharpening his claws in anticipation of any problems that might arise from dearest Hubby.

The first picture below shows a general view of the main working area. It features the new subway tile, new stove (lovingly called ‘Mr. Clyde’), and the all-so-useful under cabinet lighting. Also shown is a new schoolhouse light fixture installed by Hubby.

This final picture illustrates how important it is to us to personalize the SFH TK and ensure that all can see how important family and our shared experiences are to us. It highlights the new yellow paint, which accentuates the beauty of the antique shelf and all the memory-filled items on it.

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