SFH Journal: 2020-12-17 through 12-28 – Whew!

Yesterday, Mr. Monte spent his time stretched out in front of the wood stove. Dear, sweet Wife quietly relaxed and looked forward to the year ahead. She also began compiling her 12-volume set of “Honey Do’s” for yours truly. I brought in some wood from the woodshed and then settled down to a small cup of hot espresso.

Now, I’m quickly dashing off some notes in planning for all the posts I will need to write to catch you up with the many amazing and sometimes frustrating events that led to Christmas – a Christmas which we didn’t really have a chance to celebrate fully until December 26th. – So, here is my list of events about which I hope to post over the next few weeks:

12-XX Annual Yard Trash Day: This year, beautiful and creative Wife was deeply saddened because, for reasons far beyond her control, she and her dearest friend Nancy were unable to hold their annual Yard Trash Day.

12-21 Birthday Celebration: Classically beautiful and amazingly charming Daughter #1 celebrated her birthday. Many in the family were able to join her and share in the celebration at Daughter #1’s favorite Japanese steak house.

12-22 Major Repairs: $3,800.00 for plumbing repairs is not a paltry sum, especially when the repairs had to be accomplished during the week before Christmas.

12-22 Christmas Cookies: Despite the unnerving presence of a Kubota compact excavator digging a trench just outside the kitchen window, dedicated Spouse prepared some of the best Christmas cookies ever.

12-24 Christmas Eve Ritual: As shown in the featured photo, a mysterious and exceedingly beautiful woman wearing a cat mask, puzzles over how to drink a cup of coffee while watching Christmas Eve shoppers at 6:15 AM. Somehow, her annual ritual will never be quite the same.

12-24 Christmas Eve Flooding: An unusually heavy rain storm dropped at least 3.25 inches of rain on Serendipity Farmhouse and the nearby area on Christmas Eve. The waters of the Thornton River North Fork rose to most dangerous levels.

12-24 Christmas Eve Power Outage: The massive amounts of rain and accompanying winds caused damage to a main power line from the nearby Sperryville substation.  Consequently, most of Rappahannock County, including Serendipity Farmhouse, lost power and St. Peter Catholic Church held its 7:00 PM Christmas Vigil Mass by candle light. By the way, the sudden drop in the rain measurement in the above graphic was not because the rain had stopped, it was because the power went out and the SFH weather station couldn’t transmit its readings.

12-25 Christmas Day: Mr. Monte maintained security at SFH while Blondie and Fuzz Face spent an enjoyable Christmas Day with most wondrous Daughter #2 and her family.

12-26 Christmas Presents – Finally: There was no time on Christmas day for SFH staff and residents to open presents or empty their Christmas stockings. So, poor Mr. Monte, Blondie, and Ol’ Fuzz Face had to wait until the 26th. That’s not a real problem though. After all, Christmas is an Octave and there are eight beautiful days to celebrate Christmas, and I can still say Merry Christmas to one and all during the Octave and throughout the remaining Christmas Season.

SFH by the Numbers

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One thought on “SFH Journal: 2020-12-17 through 12-28 – Whew!”

  1. Merry Christmas, SFH residents and staff! This was not a normal Christmas; oh my goodness, no!! Nevertheless, despite everything that seemed destined to derail our annual celebration of the Savior’s birth (did I tell you about the bear on our back porch??), we know with certainty that Christ Is Born and we are joyful!!!
    Christmas Vigil Mass by candlelight does sound de-light-ful!
    By the way, good job on the security, Mr. Monte.

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