SFH Journal: 2019-04-14 through 20 – Easter Vacation

Question: Why have there been no posts over the last two weeks?

Answer: Life at Serendipity Farmhouse requires a balance between activity and time for reflection; conversation and silence, work and rest; and spiritual and physical endeavors. That is why Holy Week and the Octave of Easter are so very important to us. – We don’t take a “Spring break” – We take an Easter Vacation.

That is not to say that nothing has been happening here at SFH. To the contrary, much has been going on. But instead of cluttering this post with words, let me show you some pictures so you can see for yourself.

Highlights: The apple trees are blossoming; the lawn (an assortment of cultivated weeds) is filling in and greening up; the vegetable and herb gardens are being populated, and the yard critters are fully engaged in preparing for summer.

This following series of pictures shows that beautiful wife has been quite successful in attracting cardinals to take up residence here at SFH. They get along well with birds like white-throated sparrows, but blue jays and grackles are not the best of neighbors.

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Our dear friend George the groundhog has emerged from his den. Like us, he is hoping that there isn’t as much rain this year. Water in your bedroom is no laughing matter, even if you are a groundhog.

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SFH WX Station Report: We finally have a recorded temperature of 80º.  So, it’s time to bring in the fans and prepare for the warmer weather. There have been no frosts for two weeks and we have carefully started selective plantings of vegetables and herbs.


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