SFH Journal: 2019-03-03 through 09 – Winter Wood – Winter White


Highlight 1: As Winter’s end draws near, the provisions stored for the long season dwindle. Blessings to be counted: There was enough; the bottom wood dried and burned well; and Serendipity Farmhouse kept warm and cozy. God is good!

Highlight 2: Winter visited SFH for perhaps its last time this year. It was not overly cold, nor was it a visit with a bluster. It left a beautiful reminder, painted with a single brush of white. God is very good!

Take a walk with me and see what memories Winter left behind last night.


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SFH WX Station Report: The pictures above and the stats below tell the story. The statistics speak with the clarity of science while the pictures speak from the heart of Serendipity.

WX Summary 2019-03-02 to 2019-03-09

WX Summary 2019-03-02 to 2019-03-09A

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