SFH Journal: 2018-12-08 through 14 “Yard Trash Day”

Highlight: Yard Trash Day Is Here! – This year, Annual Yard Trash Day – 2018 was observed on Friday, December 14th. “Yard Trash Day” is a tradition where we go through our yards and gather all kinds of evergreens, magnolia branches, and assorted greens adorned with colorful berries. Then, adorable spouse and her best friend turn what I call “yard trash” into festive, seasonal works of beauty.

This week, beautiful and talented wife and I have been gathering the “yard trash”, the majority of which comes from the vast spaces and grounds of Serendipity Farmhouse. Because Winter Storm Riley uprooted our two holly trees in March, we had to go a little further afield to obtain suitable holly branches. Although it was conducted as a quasi-surreptitious operation on the grounds of our parish, we, in fact, had permission from the parish Office Manager.


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There will soon be a special post, detailing the magic that turns “yard trash” into Advent/Christmas arrangements and how those arrangements come to serve others.

Weather:  (For details of Sperryville, VA weather in November 2018 – click here.)

2018-12-08: High/Low – 36º/18º

2018-12-09: High/Low – 30º/25º

2018-12-10: High/Low – 36º/18º

2018-12-11: High/Low – 43º/19º

2018-12-12: High/Low – 43º/25º

2018-12-13: High/Low – 50º/27º

2018-12-14: High/Low – 37º/30º

Plantings: Reporting suspended until the first planting of 2019.

Harvest: Reporting suspended until the first harvest of 2019.

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