SFH Journal: 2018-11-24 Turkey Mountain Leftovers

Highlight: In these days after the Thanksgiving Day feast, we are accustomed to having leftover turkey show up in unusual places on our menu. At dinner time, we recreate the original feast, but with much less fanfare and formality. At lunchtime, we raid the refrigerator and make huge turkey sandwiches. Some of us even sneak into the fridge at breakfast time and grab a piece of turkey as a nibbling morsel.

All of that is well and good and certainly to be expected. But as you have learned, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. So, let me turn from food to weather and show you a Serendipity Farmhouse parallel.

All this year, you have read my complaints and whining about the unusual amount of rain. There has been so much rain that the ground can not absorb it and the immense grounds belonging to SFH are covered with standing water. You have also read about our flooding episode. You should be quite aware that, here at SFH, weather prognostications announcing another dousing with unwelcome precipitation are not taken lightly. So it was with the prediction for heavy rain and wintry mix for the 24th of November.

The precipitation did come. It sleeted. It drizzled. It poured. It froze. It thawed. It rained some more. It poured some more. It seemed as if it would never stop.

The farm on the other side of the Thornton River is the home of mountain, a mountain with the unusual name of “Turkey Mountain”. In years gone by, we had seen some runoff from Turkey Mountain after exceptionally heavy rains. This year, however, the constant rain has caused Turkey Mountain to merely be an aqueduct, a mechanism not for retaining or restraining water, but merely for shedding water into the river.

The featured picture shows the flow of water from Turkey Mountain into the Thornton river. These are the leftovers, the Thanksgiving day leftovers from Turkey Mountain.

Like most of you, by this time, I am tired of turkey leftovers. I’m even more unhappy with the prospect of Turkey Mountain leftovers.

Weather:  Too much rain and nasty wintry mix! (For details of Sperryville, VA weather in November 2018 – click here.)

2018-11-24: High/Low – 36º/28º

Plantings: Reporting suspended until the first planting of 2019.

Harvest: Reporting suspended until the first harvest of 2019.

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  1. Yikes! That is most definitely alarming! Well, the house must have surely seen heavy rains in years past and survived them. So, there’s that.

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